Become a Leadership Coach

Developing People, Teams and Organisations

Leadership coaches work with clients in a range of settings as in house coaches within organisations, as external contractors delivering staff development programs and as independent executive or CEO coaches working either face to face or via phone. With your background and prior experience you can coach executives within a particular industry, coach individuals or coach groups.  If you are coaching by phone you can be located anywhere in the world and take your business with you as you travel. Executive and leadership coaching is an incredibly rewarding career that can get you out of the rat race and into a career where you can help to develop great leaders, teams and organisations.

As a leadership coach you will work with people on a range of issues. But no matter what leadership coaching niche you choose you will most likely be working with clients on some of the following issues:

Leadership Coaching is a broad niche with many specialities

Leadership coaching is often the prefered coaching area for people who have worked in the corporate environment and includes literally hundreds of coaching niches. Some of these include:

What Sort of Leadership Coach Will You Be?

  • What skills & knowledge do you ALREADY have?
  • What will Your Coaching Future Look Like?
  • Which clients will be the best match for you?
  • What coaching model or process is best for you?
  • What industries or professions most suit you?
  • What type of training program would best suit your learning style?

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Each ICA Leadership Coach Develops Their Own Unique Coaching Model

One of the elements of our training that we are most proud of is that we teach our students to create their own coaching model.  So, we ask them to answer the question - how would you like to coach?  By doing this, our coaches graduate with their own coaching uniqueness and their model speaks to future clients about who they are as a coach and who they will coach.

The ICA Integrated Coaching model is a style or process of coaching that is integrated in the following ways:

1. It draws on the skills, knowledge or experience of the coach to create a unique and powerful model.

Every student who comes to ICA comes with their own unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience. Often this can come from a workplace or profession but it can also come from travel, parenting or general life experiences. The important thing is, that no matter what it is or where it came from, your coaching can benefit and even be shaped by this experience. You are not, as they say “an empty vessel” to be filled up with coaching “knowledge” Rather you are an amazing individual who has a totally unique perspective on life that has been shaped by the millions of experiences you have had in your life.

2. It draws upon and is integrated with one or more coaching related philosophies or influences

Coaching is a “hybrid’ profession and has been influenced by many other disciplines and philosophies.

Executive Coach, Sorina Cucuta - Popa, Romania

Coach training is just one of the many skills and experience Sorina Cucuta-Popa brings in support of her senior level management clients. Read more

Empowerment Coach, Sumbi Ndi (Australia)

As a young girl, Sumbo believed that if you put your whole heart into something, believed you could achieve it, and if you were willing to take laser focus action, then you could attain your goals. Listen to interview