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Have you heard of the term a 'coach approach'? It means integrating basic coaching concepts, beliefs and ways of 'being' into your every day life.  Being more aware of how you feel, how those around you feel, and how your approach impacts them.  For example - when you listen, do you really listen?

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ReThink The Way You Think

Perspective is a point of view; a way of looking and interpreting a set of events, and can be emplowering or disempowering.

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Are you listening with intent?

In the world of coaching, when we refer to 'Listening', we don't just mean every day listening. It's something much deeper.

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How to frame a Powerful Question

A powerful question is one that prompts clarity, awareness and exploration. It is open-ended and begins with the word “what.” Continue

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When to Quit Your Day Job...

The thought of a career change, or jumping into further study, can be scary.  They key is knowing when to leap.

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Structuring a Coaching Session

Every coach has their own unique approach to coaching.  But, most coaching sessions unfold in the same way, with the same structure.

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It begins with a Coaching Agreement

The Coaching Agreement is at the core of all coaching relationships,  and is a minimum requirement for coaching at both ACC and PCC level.

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Coaching is Not the Goal...

Coaching is about encouraging someone to think differently, gain a new perspective, and to take action.  It's about creating solutions. Continue

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Coaching Demonstrations using Stop The Clock..

Watch live coaching demonstrations and spot the use of PCC markers.


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