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Our coaches come from over 126 countries and all share one passion - the power of coaching.  Each coach graduates with their own coaching model and niche that showcases who they are as a coach and the problems they solve. Flick through our yearbooks to learn more about how are graduates are using coaching...


Graduation at ICA is a time for celebration.  It's a chance for our graduates to reflect on their learning, announce their certification, and share their unique coaching identity with the world. They have earned a globally recognised Coach Certification and will use this to set up their own coaching practice, become a corporate coach, or blend coaching with an existing profession.  It's truly inspiring to hear our coaches talk with such passion about their future, and share how coaching has changed not just their careers, but their life. It is an honour and privilege to have shared this journey with them.

ICA Graduate, Jennifer Skinkai (Executive Coach, Tokyo)
talks about her transformation from student to graduate.

ICA Graduate, Julia Griffin (Community Coach, UK) talks
about how coaching transformed not just her career, but also her life.

One of they things that makes ICA different from other coach training schools is our amazing community of like minded coaches.  A community that has been growing and thriving since 2001. Our coaches live in over 126 different countries around the world, and showcase the portable and global nature of coaching.

A sense of connection is created through a multitude of experiences. As a new student, you link in with a generous and supportive group of people who are also dedicated professional and passionate coaches. You will find people who you really “click with” and then informal learning is lifelong and ongoing. Beyond the Zoom classes and Peer Coaching, there are also our Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Live Events and Global MeetUps.

All ICA Program advisors are ICA Experts.  Being ICA Graduates they know our training first hand. But, they are also experienced coaches with an indepth understanding of the industry, the certification options and the credential pathways for emerging coaches and change leaders. Book a one on one appointment to learn more about which coach education option will match your coaching goals.

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The one thing that all coaches have in common is that they feel a natural talent or desire to create positive change in their lives, or the lives of others.  But, within this profession there's many different niches and applications.  Take our quick quiz to find out what sort of coach you will be.

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