We are a Global Learning Community

ICA is such a supportive safe space to grow both as a person and as a coach. I have got to know a lot of wonderful people. I am very grateful for this experience.
- Biro Kinsco (Leadership Coach, Germany)

Our Students Take Their Learning & Connection
Beyond The Classroom

You don't just join a school at ICA, you join a supportive and diverse learning community.

One of they things that makes ICA different from other coach training schools is our amazing community of like minded coaches.  A community that has been growing and thriving since 2001. Our coaches live in over 92 different countries around the world, and showcase the portable and global nature of coaching.  Our graduates often share the value of the friendships and networks they make along the way.

The Traditional Classroom has Evolved.

Even in face to face learning educators know that the learning can't just be in the classroom. And it cant just be between the teacher and the student. Much has been researched and written about Peer Learning and its effectiveness in the learning process. Our students connect via our forum and network around the world.

These connections amongst and between students are critical to the learning

Our Students Come From Everywhere, and they Learn From Anywhere

Our self-paced and flexibly delivered Zoom Classes are a key part of our delivery. Login and you will find ICA students – seated variously on sofas, office chairs, kitchen tables, train seats – discussing  and practising coaching. Who are they?  A mix of corporate professionals, managers, HR professionals, yoga practitioners, teachers, health professionals,  stay at home parents and everyone in between – all sharing perspectives and learning.

Our Trainers are Coaches too

ICA trainers are highly experienced coaches and excellent trainers.  BOTH skill sets are essential to effective coach training. We have been delivering online education for nearly twenty years so we know how to build knowledge in online settings – and it’s not to do with the technology –  it’s totally related to the skill of our trainers.

We are a Learning Community

A sense of connection is created through a multitude of experiences. Think back to your fondest learning experience. Maybe it didn’t even occur in a formal setting? It probably involved making friends, feeling supported, rapid learning for fun, pleasure or gain. This is a perfect description of ICA. We are a learning community.

As a new student, you link in with a generous and supportive group of people who are also dedicated professional and passionate coaches. You will find people who you really “click with” and then informal learning is lifelong and ongoing. Beyond the Zoom classes and Peer Coaching, there are also our Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Live Events and Global MeetUps.  And then beyond that are the personal emails or Zoom or Skype link ups and face to face meet-ups.


With the support of our curriculum and faculty, each student at ICA develops their own unique coaching model, with over 680 unique coaching models already published to our ICA Library. In the ICA yearbooks, our graduates share their niche or coaching application, how they plan to use coaching, and the most memorable moment in their coach training journey.

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Our Graduates Share Their Memorable Moments...


Executive Coach, CANADA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"The Advanced ICA syllabus holds the topics I always wanted to grow and evolve in, in a more profound and structured way. I love the ICA open approach to be able to develop as a coach in my own unique authentic way."


Executive and Expat Coach, BRUNEI

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"ICA allowed me to become the person I always wanted to be. Making the decision to leave a successful leadership career to become a coach was daunting, but with ICA I felt right at home from the start and felt that for the first time I "fitted". I would like to thank the amazing team of people at ICA for their encouragement, validation and support!"


Executive Coach, INDIA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"When I dialled in for my first call, listening to the number of countries from where people had logged in was an amazing moment. This experience continued as I learnt from mentors, practiced w/peers & clients from all over the world. Many of them have become friends just like it would in a normal full time course. I feel part of a global community."


Corporate & Leadership Coach, KENYA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Was the day I coached a peer in class and I received such encouraging feedback... The peer student said they would want me to coach them for their peer-coaching sessions. That was very affirming!"


Life Coach, NIGERIA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"I had lots of memorable moments with ICA - from Lorna's Labs gently encouraging me to take my first step, Sunita's calm presence, Rosella's warm laughter to Katarina's very focused Mentor Coaching. Every moment with ICA was memorable."


Business Coach, NETHERLANDS

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Helping people resolve the biggest challenges in their business and as such increase its performance is my passion."



testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Realizing that despite all the needed competencies and tools in coaching, the most important remains “to dance in the moment with your client."


Executive Women, SPAIN

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"During Serban`s and Sunita 's feedback after 10 minutes mentor coaching"


Graduation is a big deal for us at ICA

Graduation at ICA is a time for celebration.  It's a chance for our graduates to reflect on their learning, announce their certification, and share their unique coaching identity with the world. They have earned a globally recognised Coach Certification and will use this to set up their own coaching practice, become a corporate coach, or blend coaching with an existing profession.

Graduation is also a time for our team and faculty to acknowledge each students dedication, learning and success.  We know our training is rigorous, and our expectations are high.  But, that's because we need to be sure our students graduate with the confidence and skills need to succeed.

It's truly inspiring to hear our coaches talk with such passion about their future, and share how coaching has changed not just their careers, but their life. It is an honour and privilege to have shared this journey with them.

Live Locally, Study Globally

Our training offers several pathways - including ACSTH and ACTP.  Request Local Tuition Schedule for Your Location