Coach Education with a Difference

Our One Contact Policy means you ask the questions, and we do the running around to find the answers. No passing you from department to department!

A Blend of Theory, Practice and Peer Coaching

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    Over 20 years Industry Credibility

    ICA first opened it’s doors to students 2001. It was with a small pilot group of 20 students.  Today, we have thousands of students and graduates all around the world (over 126 different countries). This longevity and success is largely due to the quality of our programs, the friendliness of our community, and the expertise of our faculty.

What days & times do I need to be available for study?

The programs are structured (set number of hours and course areas) and there’s an international schedule with over 30 times each week across 4 time zones. You are the one that decides which days and times you attend. Read more

Who will be in my cohort?

ICA has ongoing intakes with new cohorts starting each month.  You will meet those starting the same time as you in an orientation call.  But, you will also connect with all ICA coaches in the private forum, classes and labs.  We are one connected community. Read more

What if I need to take a break from my studies?

Needing to take a break?

All students have the option to defer for up to 6 months.  During this time we will ‘stop the clock’ on your studies. When you are ready to return, we’ll get you set up again and back into your studies.

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Refund Policy

ICA has a 45 day learning guarantee. If you do not find benefit in your program and would like to withdraw within the first 45 days, you will be refunded all fees paid (less 10% admin).  You will be certified for any classes attended.

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Do all students have access to the Flipit Framework

All students in our ACSTH and ACTP have access to the ICA coaching power tools and will learn how to use them to shift a perspective.  Students in the Advanced program, who decide to become Change Leaders, take this a step further by learning how to apply the FlipIt Framework in a group setting.

What happens after graduation?

All graduates join ICA’s alumni, where they can continue developing their networks, friendships and coaching resources.  ICA Coaches can also continue selected classes and labs for 6 months post graduation via the graduate program (free)

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Coach Education with a Difference

Our Training is more than just a series of Zoom classes.

We are not new to online education. We began that way; back in 2001 when it was almost unheard of we knew that our students wanted flexible, self paced learning that retained quality and academic rigour. And we also new that learning is a social activity. Consequently peer based learning is central to all our programs.

  • learnsite

    Coach Education LMS

    Our LMS (or ‘Learnsite’ as we call it) provides 24 hour access to module downloads, videos, audios, class and lab schedules, curated resources, graduation checklists etc.

  • Coaching

    Private Coaches Forum

    Our forum is a private community with literally thousands of coaching conversations, networks and friendships. And with students across 4 timezones there is always an answer to be found.

  • Business

    Business Building (bLabs)

    We train our coaches to be unique in their marketplace.  The Business Labs are workshop style classes that support you to create a coaching portfolio and signature offer, and learn the best way to get your coaching practice online.

  • PostGrad

    Post Grad. Alumni

    Ongoing access to labs, resources and the ICA Forum after you graduate for your coach development and credential renewals.

  • PeertoPeer

    Peer Coaching

    Peer coaching at ICA is extended learning, and can be counted towards your ACC, PCC or MCC credential application.

  • Model

    Your Coaching Model

    You will create your own unique coaching model. A model that communicates to future clients and employees who you are as a coach, and the problems you solve.



Find the program and certification options best suited to your coaching goals, budget and timeframe for completion.

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