FlipIt - A Coaching Framework for Change

Rethink The Way You Think

FlipIt Can Be Used Anywhere Change Happens

We are constantly grappling with change – changes we want to make happen, changes we have to make, and changes that are happening to us. FlipIt™ is a coaching process drawn from our ICF Accredited coach training. There are endless applications and uses for FlipIt, from use with clients, to delivering workshops to just using it around the kitchen table.

Exclusive to ICA's Coach Training

FlipIt is based on the idea that the way we see our world is a choice. The same event can happen to two different people and they will respond in completely different ways. As coaches we know that we cant change the world our clients live in, but we can change how they see it. We also know that some ways of 'seeing' are more empowering than others.

FlipIt uses the ICA Power Tools (a set of 8 cards representing different ways of seeing the world) and a 4 step process to 'flip' a perspective.

ICA Certified Professional Coaches graduate with a Flipit Facilitation License.  This communicates to prospective clients or employers that they have been trained in the FlipIt Coaching Framework, and have demonstrated coaching at PCC level.

The FlipIt Toolkit

Using the Tools and Resources in your kit, you can pick any issue and literally "flip" it on its head. The transformation is immediate and the outcome you facilitated as a coach is long lasting.

Felt Pack

Instruction Book and FlipIt Card

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