FlipIt™ - A Coaching Framework for Change

Rethink The Way You Think

FlipIt™ Can Be Used Anywhere Change Happens

We are constantly grappling with change – changes we want to make happen, changes we have to make, and changes that are happening to us. FlipIt™ is a coaching process drawn from our ICF Accredited coach training. There are endless applications and uses for FlipIt, from use with clients, to delivering workshops to just using it arond the kitchen table.

How Can You Use FlipIt?

I Want to Become a Coach +

Become a Professional Coach and Learn How to Use the FlipIt Coaching Framework

Do you want the skills, confidence and knowledge to coach anyone, anywhere in the world?  We offer an incredibly successful, value packed training program that not only certifies you as a coach, but also gives you your own Coaching Model, Signature Offer, Coaching Website and FlipIt Facilitator License. You graduate 'client ready'!

Learning Hours: 
152 hours
Program Membership: 
18 months
Advanced Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
ICF Credential: ACC or PCC via the “ACTP track”
Business: 12 month FlipIt Facilitator License, Website (done for you) and Customised FlipIt Presentation Guide
Advanced Program
I Am Already a Coach +

Add Group Coaching and a Signature Offer to your Coaching Services

Clients can pick any issue and literally "flip" it on its head. The transformation is immediate and the outcome you facilitated as a coach is long lasting.  FlipIt is a proven 4 step coaching framework that can be used with your clients to reset a perspective and adopt a fresh way of 'seeing' the world. It is a way to move from where they are now to where they want to be; to transition from a current state to a desired future state.

Learning Hours:
36 hours
Program Membership:
6 months
Certified Group Coach
ICF CCE's: 30 core competency CCE's to renew ACC or PCC
Business: 12 month FlipIt Facilitator License, Website (done for you) and Customised FlipIt Presentation Guide
FlipIt Group Coaching
I Want to use FlipIt Myself +

Use FlipIt with Your Family or Friends

All change starts with learning how to identify disempowering perspectives and then shift them to empowering perspectives. To ‘reframe’ a perspective. The FlipIt Coaching Process takes this further with a 4 step process: Find It, Feel It, Frame It, Flip It.

The FlipItTM coaching pack includes 8 Coaching Power Tools, Image Cards and an instruction booklet. This fun and thought provoking activity can be used in the workplace, at home with your family, or in workshops with teams or groups.

Learn a Powerful 4 Step Coaching Framework

What Are the ICA Power Tools?

Frame It

The ICA Power Tools were developed as part of our ACTP Coach Training Program. Over time their popularity increased, as ICA coaches began creating their own Power Tools. External coaches and consultants also began contacting us with requests to integrate the Power Tools into their coaching sessions, workshops and seminars.

FlipIt allows you to do just that, take the 8 ICA Power Tools, a 4 step process for change, and use it for anyone, anywhere in the world.

ICA Power Tools

Commitment vs Trying
Responsibility vs Blame
Responding vs Reacting
Truth vs Fraud
Lightness vs Significance
Trust vs Doubt
Action vs Delay
Respect vs Invalidation

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Anywhere, anytime - FlipitTM can be used with groups, with your clients or on your own.

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Let us know how you think FlipIt might add value to your life or career and we'll send you the information to help make that happen.  You might be considering coach training and not sure how FlipIt fits with that, or you might already be a coach and wanting to add a FlipIt Facilitator License or Signature offer to your portfolio.

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