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Coaching in the UK

Coaching is a well established management skill and profession in the UK.  There are a wide variety of coach practitioners and niches as well as internal company coaches. There is also an ICF local UK Chapter.

According to the latest ICF Global Coaching Study 2020:

93% of managers/leaders using coaching skills have received some coach-specific training.
Almost one in two such respondents (48%) hold membership in a professional organization
45% had achieved coaching certification or credentials.

The ICF Coach Directory 2020 lists:

627 UK based Associate Certified Coaches ACC
487 UK based Professional Certified Coaches PCC
55 UK based Master Certified Coaches MCC

Clients are Looking for Certified Coaches

Coaching has roots from a variety of theories and philosophies including adult education, positive psychology and organisational psychology. And it can be found in an increasing number of industries and professions. It is not a singular practice. Consequently it cannot be taught as such.

At ICA, we like to plan your exit at the beginning.  You will graduate with the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to coach anyone anywhere in the world, your own unique coaching model and portfolio, and a coaching certification that is recognised globally.

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A large majority of coach practitioners and managers/leaders using coaching skills agreed that individuals or organizations using coaching expect their coaches to be certified or credentialed.

ICF Global Study Into Coaching (2016)


We have been delivering our coach training via e-learning for over 20 years, and was the first Australian school to have an online curriculum accredited by the ICF (in 2004).

At ICA the term online learning refers to an interactive e-learning methodology and a thriving community of networks and friendships.

The first thing you do when you join our training is spend some time looking around the virtual corridors of ICA - unpacking your learnsite (module downloads, video tutorials, curated resources, class schedules and the ICA Coaches private forum), meet your faculty,meet your peers, and join an orientation call. Then using your graduation checklist you map out a learning schedule, selecting classes that best fit with the times you have set aside to study (options to fast track or take your time).


When coaching was a new profession, it was perfectly acceptable to simply call yourself a coach. But today the coaching profession is well developed across many industries and professions around the globe and the need to specialize and showcase your uniqueness is increasing. At ICA you will graduate with the skills to coach anyone, anywhere in the world, but we will also show you how to specialise by helping you to develop your own Coaching Model.

  • Programs and Tuition

    Global programs, local pricing

Programs and Tuition

Certification and Designations for those wanting to practice as Certified Professional Coaches and/or pursue ICF credentials (ACC, PCC, MCC).

  • Advanced Professional Coach Program - 7,475 GBP (12 - 24 month ACTP)
  • Professional Coach Program - 125 hr ACTP - 5,540 GBP (9 - 18 month ACTP)
  • Vocational Coach Program - 76 hr ACSTH -3,750 GBP (6 -12 month ACSTH)

Training for those wanting to add a coach approach to their every day life or workplace.

  • Workplace Coach Course - 30 hr ACSTH - 1,400 GBP (3 - 6 month completion)
  • Life Design Course - 18 hr CCE - 450 GBP (3 month completion)
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Expat Coach and ICA Study Advisor , UNITED KINGDOM

testimonial-avatarJulia is part of the global team at International Coach Academy that also supports future students in choosing the right coach training program for them and runs the orientation calls which help new students get started with their studies. She is also a coach herself and supports expatriate professionals successfully manage their vital career, country or life transition! Julian is an Associate Board Member for Universities ICF UK.

Contact Julia at training@coachcampus.com

All our Graduates create their own unique coaching model and conduct specialist research during their studies. The result is that on graduation they have a ready made Coaching Portfolio of work they can use to promote their coaching services.

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