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Robyn Logan and Sally Bridger are based in Melbourne, Australia and have been leading ICA for over 20 years. The online delivery platform and fully flexible work culture they created back in 2001 was innovative and unique. Today it is living proof that online learning and coaching communities can be powerful and long lasting. ICA has trained thousands of coaches from over 120 countries, and the team are as strong and loyal as ever with over half of the current team serving with the company for more than 15 years.


Faculty Rossella

Rossella Pin, MCC
Leadership Executive Coach
Venice, ITALY

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Faculty Poyee

PoYee Poon Dorrian, MCC
Leadership Executive Coach
Ohio, USA

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Faculty Sunita

Sunita Chhibar, MCC
Executive Coach
Mumbai, INDIA

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Faculty Razan Kilani

Razan Kilani, MCC
Transformational Coach

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Katerina Kanelidou, MCC
Leadership & Team Coach
Athens, GREECE

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Faculty Jonathan Hermida 1

Jonathan Hermida, PCC
Transformation Coach
Florida, USA

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Faculty LindadeLuca

Linda Deluca, PCC
Business Coaching
Hampton Cove, USA

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Faculty Caroline 1

Caroline Weishan Wu, PCC
Mindful Leadership Coach
Washington DC, USA

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Faculty Tina Smith 1

Tina Smith, PCC
Parent & Relocation Coach
Kenilworth, UK

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Faculty Rob Stringer

Rob Stringer, PCC
Youth Coach
Ontario, CANADA

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Faculty Lucy 1

Lucy Romao Vandepol, PCC
Wellness Coach
Ontario, CANADA

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Faculty HanEe

Han Ee Lim, PCC
Executive Team Coaching
Singapore, SINGAPORE

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Dinko Barbalic 3

Dinko Barbalic, PCC
Leadership & Wellbeing Coach
Louisiana, USA

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Alexandra Fay, PCC
Business & Life Coach

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Katja Von Glinowiecki, PCC
Intercultural Coach
Rielasingen, GERMANY

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Coach School Criteria

Which School Should you Choose?

Are you considering Coach Training but not sure where to start?  There's so many options with different schools, programs, certifications and pathways.  We asked our community what criteria they used when choosing their school and then packaged it up into a quick checklist that might be useful for you.  Let us know if you have any specific questions.