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Welcome to the world of coaching!

If you’re looking to take your coaching skills to the next level, look no further than our lCF Accredited Training. With our extensive range of professional coaching programs, we provide the perfect foundation for aspiring coaches to learn and develop their skills. ICA programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to help you become a successful coach.

Begin your certified coach education today and graduate within 8 - 12 months. 

Nine in 10 coach practitioners (90%) said they currently have active clients, with Canadian based coaches earning approx. $85,000 CAD per year (average) as a single Coach Practitioner.

ICF Global Study Into Coaching, 2020

Clients are Looking for Certified Coaches

When coaching was a new profession, it was perfectly acceptable to simply call yourself a coach. But today, the coaching profession is well-developed across many industries and professions around the globe. So the need to specialise and showcase your uniqueness is increasing. International Coach Academy graduates hold an international certification that is recognized both globally, as well as locally within the Canada.

You will graduate from your ICA program with the skills to coach anyone, anywhere in the world. But we will also teach you how to specialize and attract clients.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • We will look at Your Background

    See how it intersects and how it can be blended with coaching.

  • We will ask you two specific questions

    Who do you want to coach? And how do you want to coach?

From this, you will create your own niche and coaching model. Additionally, you’ll be able to showcase your unique strengths, coaching skills, and expertise to future employers or clients.

All ICA Coaches Graduate With a Unique Coaching Identity. They Develop Their own Coaching Model and Niche for a Specific Market.

Our coaching programs will teach you the art and skill of coaching, and then encourage and support you to identify you coaching niche. Our Practice-based curriculum provides a thorough grounding in the latest theories and philosophies of coaching, whilst integrating the skills and concepts into practice with hands on Coaching Demos and participation in a Peer Coaching Program.

The Academic Schedule allows for you to work at your own pace within a structured curriculum, providing the required time needed for practice and reflection. The peer coaching program and coach development labs provide a safe space for you to test and refine your new coaching skills, with many opportunities for feedback and questions. It is a continuous cycle of growth.

You will graduate as a successful coach with the knowledge and expertise to confidently coach within a private coaching practice, a workplace, corporation, or within your existing career or profession. In this rewarding career, you will coach individual clients, teams or groups.

Students Living in Canada

Every coaching training program has set number of hours and participation requirements, with the full program released at the time of enrolment.  Fees can be settled via a single payment (with 5% saving) or via a payment plan (interest free).

Programs are 'all inclusive', meaning there are no hidden costs or learning hurdles. The curriculum offers a beginning to end Level 1 or 2 certification, with direct pathways to ACC or PCC credentials via the ICF Level 1 or Level 2 tracks.

Do I need to complete Level 1 before Level 2? +

A Level 1 program can pathway into a Level 2 program, but it is not a requirement because each program has been structured as a 'beginning to end' certification. One program, once price.  There's no hidden extras or hurdles, and no need to scaffold or jigsaw courses on courses. It's as simple and transparent as it looks.

* Students who join a Level 1 program exit with a level 1 Certification. They can apply for ACC via the ICF's direct Level 1 track.

* Students who join a Level 2 program exit with a level 2 Certification.  They can apply for ACC or PCC via the direct Level 2 track.

Why does tuition differ between schools? +

Coach Training Schools will differ in personality, culture, credibility, accreditation, curriculum, delivery and quality. This will often be reflected in the price of their programs.

When comparing program tuition between schools, it's important to consider 'sameness' and 'difference', and how each school aligns with your coaching goals, budget and expectations.

Some introductory questions

  1. How long has the school been accredited (newcomers or established)?
  2. What are the participation policies and options?
  3. What's included and what's not?
  4. Is there a visible community of graduates?
  5. Who is the faculty?
  6. Where do you go if you need help?
  7. Are there direct pathways to ICF ACC or PCC credentials?

Download the full list of 28 questions we recommend you ask all schools.   Click here to begin...

What's included in ICA's training? +

ICA programs are 'all inclusive', meaning that there are no hidden costs or learning hurdles. All learning materials, resources and certification expectations are provided up front (via a purpose built learnsite), with classes and labs held by zoom.

As with all ICF Level 1 and 2 programs, our curriculum includes the following:

  • Coaching Theory & Practicum
  • Mentor coaching (Group and One on One)
  • Observed Coaching
  • Final Performance Evaluation

In addition, all ICA programs include

  • 24/7 learnsite & community access
  • International schedules across all time zones
  • Peer Coaching (accrue hours for your ICF credential)
  • Coach Portfolio Development
  • Business Building
  • FlipIt and the ICA Coaching Power tools
  • Personalised Student Support
  • Ongoing access to ICA resources, conversations and the community, post graduation


of ICA Graduates were extremely satisfied with Faculty's experience and expertise


of ICA Graduates felt ICA provided them with the skills needed to practice as a coach


of ICA Graduates chose to fast track their studies, completing in 8 - 12 months.


of ICA Graduates scheduled study around family & work, completing in 12 - 24 months.

Certification and Credential Pathways

Coach Certification is now considered essential, Coaching Credentials are optional (but highly regarded). 

Our e learning is accredited with the peak body for coach training; the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The accreditation process ensures a school is aligned with ICF's International Standards and includes rigorous scrutiny and quality testing of the school's program structure, course material and delivery. Each coaching program's curriculum is mapped across the ICF core competencies, with faculty, assessment and learning processes all assessed.

You will graduate as a Certified Coach, with the option to pursue an ICF credential such as Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Too often we are approached by coaches who have completed their coach training only to find that it doesn't directly pathway to an ICF credential. Their choices are limited to not pursing a credential, pursuing a credential via a portfolio pathway (time consuming and expensive), or returning to study and completing Level 1, 2 or 3 training. So, even if you don't think you will need a credential, keep the option open by pursuing ICF Accredited Training.

The Applications and Opportunities That Come With Coaching Certification

When we began training coaches in 2001, it was with a small cohort of 20 students.  Nearly all wanted to walk away from their existing careers to become 'Life Coaches'. This has very much changed with our coaching community now spanning 126 countries, with many choosing to pursue professional coach certification that considers or is integrated with their existing skills, profession or interests.

Coach Practitioners with their own coaching practice will coach clients within a chosen niche, as an executive coach within the workplace, or as a corporate coach within organisations. Their business might be F2F or online, and might be with individuals, teams or groups. However, the trend for Managers, Leaders, and Medical or HR professionals to blend coaching with their existing profession is an increasing trend in Asia.

The scope and financial reward for coaches is unlimited. Our coaches graduate with the coaching tools and expertise to coach across any specialisation

Below are just a few of the niches chosen by our coaches

- Life Coaching
- Transformational Coaching
- Health and Wellness Coaching
- Spiritual Coaching
- Career Coaching
- Business Coaching
- Retirement Coaching

- Executive Coaching
- Relationship Coaching
- Sober Coaching
- Equestrian Coaching
- Expat Coaching
- Sales Coaching
- Real Estate Coaching

Take the Quiz to learn more about who you could be as a coach.

What our Canadian Coaches Say About Their Coach Training

  • Isabelle Boucher, Adults with ADHD Coach, CANADA

    I was participating in a Mentor Coaching session as a client, my Peer Coach had great energy and we had the best time joking and laughing through the session while coaching.   The ICA community is simply one of my favourite. I hope to start my own private practice to offer coaching services. My hope is that I can work with adults to help them move forward within their workplace so that their lives can improve in these unprecedented pandemic times.
    Isabelle Boucher Coaching Research Paper. 1200
  • Shawn Harvey, Life Coach, CANADA

    The friendships I made along the way were great. My peers were the greatest support in a season of upheaval with the pandemic, unemployment and the feeling of loss of community. It was the coaches that created a place where I felt part of something bigger.   I loved working with coaches from all around the world. I will use coaching to help develop the staff at my church, and to build a second job helping small business owners and managers navigate staffing issues.   LinkedIn Profile
    Shawn Harvey Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Aysen Arikan, Performance Coach, CANADA

    Learning coaching in such a professional and credible institution like ICA is an experience that will be always memorable for me. The Instructors are so direct and supportive, they encourage you to grow and they never judge you. 


    The most memorable moment was one of my Mentor Coaching classes where I finally found the courage to coach someone for the first time in my life. That day is still so vivid in my mind. I was shaking when I was done. 
    Aysen Arikan Case Study 1200
  • David Braun, Executive Coach, CANADA

    I really enjoyed the month of Observation Coaching. I am grateful for the learning moments and the feedback on ways I could improve my coaching.


    I will continue to Executive and Performance Coaching for leaders in various organizations.
    David Braun Research Paper 1200
  • Delores McWilliam, Christian Life Coach, CANADA

    The Mentor Coaching sessions were fantastic. I was able to learn and then exercise my skills under great instructors as a coach, and then as a client I had many moments of incredible self-awarenes.


    ICA training is an excellent program to become a professional coach and I am very glad I chose to enroll.
    Delores McWilliam Untitled Page


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