ICA's e-learning is interactive, structured and self paced

My learning journey with ICA was amazing! I really enjoyed the autonomy in structuring my own learning approach and distilling my own unique coaching model. - Victoria Vakova (ICA Graduate, Bulgaria)

The Pioneers of E-Learning

Since it's inception in 2001, ICA has leveraged the power of e-learning.  It's a style of learning that draws on many of the skills essential to coaching mastery - active listening, presence, focus and non judgment.  It's an interactive process with many human touch points and milestones along the way.  You get to choose the pace you study, but follow a structured learning model.

We Specialise in the Application of Knowledge

Just as coaching is all about making deep and sustainable changes, so our learning method is about deep and life long learning. We assume that everyone who comes to coaching has a wealth of experience, knowledge or interest, that touches on coaching.  Our job is to provide you with a curriculum that is challenging and engaging and then to help you figure out the questions you need to answer and the learning you need to develop as a coach.

There are still many coach training organizations delivering training in the old way, with the teacher up the front lecturing and the students watching and listening attentively. There is very little time for one on one contact with the lecturer and there is little to no time for reflection. We use an online classroom to give you as much"knowledge" as we can upfront - then we work with you on applying that knowledge to your specific situation.

The Drip Feed vs Fire Hose Method

Anyone who has ever been to one of those 3 day (all day) training sessions knows that you only retain about 20% of what you learn. And there is often very little room for reflection. We believe reflection is a critical part of the learning process, without it your learning is in danger of staying at a superficial level only. However if you get the opportunity to learn, practice and reflect your learning will be deeper and more sustainable (in fact it’s not unlike coaching on that level)

So our training always allows for constant interaction between theory and practice and ample time for reflection. We deliberately structure our classes in a consistent “drip” (ongoing classes, daily, weekly, monthly) instead of a ‘fire-hose’ event (intensive all day, multiple day workshops)

Our Philosophy

1. We believe that the client is the expert in his or her own life. As coaches our role is to support the client to find the answers to their life challenges.

2. We believe that diversity is a resource to be valued. We respect the unique life journey and life choices of all people.

3. We believe in “coaching from the heart”. This means practicing self-love and self-care to create a firm foundation from which to give to others in the coaching relationship.

4. We believe that which we focus on grows. Therefore, our focus is on strengths. We only focus on weaknesses if they appear as obstacles to building on our strengths.

5. We believe in living in alignment with ones own values. We try to practice this ourselves and to require it of our clients.

6. We believe in life long learning. We support our clients in a continual learning journey, just as we travel on ours.

7. We believe that no one model of coaching has all of the answers for all coaching clients. We employ tools and models to support coaching but never to drive the process.

8. We believe that it is an immense privilege to be invited into another person’s life to be a partner in their success. We also believe that with this privilege comes a responsibility to behave ethically at all times.

More than just zoom classes...

The concept of 'online training' is often misunderstood for being just a collection of self study resources or, most recently, a series of zoom classes. But, at ICA the term online learning refers to an interactive e-learning methodology and a thriving community of networks and friendships. Created by the ICA founder Robyn Logan, back in 2001, ICA's online learnsite hosts all the required learning materials; module downloads, video tutorials, curated resources, class schedules and the ICA Coaches private forum.

The first thing you do when you join our training is spend some time looking around the virtual corridors of ICA - unpacking your learnsite, meeting your faculty, meeting your peers, and joining an orientation call. Then using your graduation checklist you map out a learning schedule that best suits your study goals (options to fast track or take your time).

Doing is critical to the learning process

Coaching is more than a set of tools and techniques, it is a highly refined combination of advanced knowledge, technical skill, intuition, and “knowing”. A good coach is able to draw on their own experience and must be able to ‘walk the talk’. For this reason we structure our program so that students first apply a new skill or technical to themselves, then practice on peer coaching clients and finally apply to real coaching situations. By experiencing the coaching techniques first hand students have a deeper understanding of how to apply them to their clients.

Our Peer Coaching Program means you get a coach the minute you enroll. You immediately begin learning and experiencing the role of the “client”. This is an often overlooked part of becoming a coach and is a great introduction to actually conducting coaching yourself.  For the peer coach, peer coaching allows the student to build their coaching confidence and implement the skills and tools learned throughout the program.

No Single Theory.  No Single Model

We ask you the question - how would you like to coach?  By doing this, you develop and graduate a coaching uniqueness and model that speaks to your future clients and employers about who you are as a coach and who you will coach.

Most if not all training programs currently on the market teach one specific coaching model. Quite often that model is derived from the interests and expertise of the Founder of the school. At ICA we teach “No Single Model” and we do that because it’s true!

Coaching as a profession has its roots in many diverse philosophies and disciplines including Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy etc. (just to name a few) and is increasingly influenced today by new ways of thinking, mindfulness, spirituality, brain based coaching etc. So we don’t teach any ONE MODEL. rather we teach you to read and digest a range of models and then we support you to develop your own mode. Its way more powerful and it draws on the expertise you ALREADY have.

Some of the areas of expertise, professions, theories and disciplines that might influence your model are:

  • Organizational Psychology
  • Health and Wellness Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Change Management
  • Leadership and Development
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Solutions Focused psychology
  • Emotions Intelligence
  • Spirituality & Self Development

Which Coach Training Program to Choose?

When choosing a program it's important to consider how you would like to learn (which might be different to how you have learnt before), what pathway options are available to for further study or credentialing, program value for money,  and  how the program will fit your lifestyle.  To help you make these key decisions, we've shared some insights into our program.  Take the Program Selection Quiz to find the program best for you.