Coach Practitioner - Corporate Coach

As a Corporate Coach You Work Within Large Organisations

As a corporate coach you will coach people towards the achievement of organisational goals.  This could be in a large multinational, NGOs or family business.  You might be directly employed by a company as an internal coach or you can be contracted on a short or long term basis. It is anticipated you will have a specific knowledge or experience within that corporate arena and will leverage that within your coaching to benefit your clients.   Your coaching will take place onsite (face to face) or remotely (zoom, skype, conference line or telephone).

  • Change Management (Restructures, New Ways of Working etc)
  • Performance Management (KPI's, Targets)
  • Personal Development (Organisational Coherence, Relationships, Balance)
  • Strategy Development, Blue Sky thinking or Goal Setting
  • Team or Individual Motivation
  • Time Management

Doesn't sound like you?  Maybe Private Practice or Blended Coaching would be a better suited application?

How much can I earn as a coach?

Findings from the ICF Global Coaching Study (undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2015) estimated coach generated revenue to be approx. $2.356 billion USD (a 19% increase over the 2011 estimate).  90% of coaches had active clients and 63% expected business to increase. How much you will earn will depend on the fees you set, the hours you work and your expertise or reputation.

Can I start coaching whilst studying?

Yes, and actually, we encourage it.  As part of our peer coaching program, you will coach and be coached. This is just one of the course areas where you get to practice and refine your skills.  It's also a great opportunity to collect client testimonials that you will use to attract future clients. Then as soon as you feel confident, you can coach externally and charge for your services.

Do I need a Certification and a Credential?

Not all coaches need a coaching credential, but we highly recommend they complete a certification with an accredited school. Your certification is a globally recognized statement of attainment that indicates you have been assessed by an Accredited Coach Training Provider as having the industry recognized skills and expertise required to practice as a coach.

Do I need a website?

You don't necessarily need a website, but you do need an online presence.  Clients and Employers will most likely find you via a google search, via a social network, or via word of mouth and will want preliminary information to assist with their research. Read More

Do I register my services?

Although there is no legal requirement, coaches should become certified via an accredited coach training school, and then adhere to the The International Coaching Federation code of ethics.

Coach Certification Requires Research

A question we regularly get asked by prospective students is 'What makes ICA different from other schools?' This is a totally understandable question because coach training is an investment of both time and money and it's important your decision is one that will fit your budget, learning style and plans for coaching.

We also know that there's alot of information, (and very detailed information)  you need to wade through and consider before finding a solution. So, we've pulled out what we believe are the key points of difference between ICA and other schools or training.  Download Guide

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