Life as a Professional Coach

Set Up Your Own Coaching Business

As a Professional Coach you will work with individuals or small groups in a specific area or niche. Most clients will require you to have some sort of qualification, especially since coaching is an unregulated industry. And most clients will want to know you specialize in a specific area of coaching.

Who can I coach?

As a professional coach, you will generally be coaching one on one often from your home.  The issues that professional coaches come across regularly include work life balance, relationship issues, help with reaching a particular goal such as changing career, retiring, weight loss and health wellness goals, starting a business or dealing with change and transition.

Where can I coach?

The fantastic thing about being a professional coach is that you can actually coach from anywhere. It is the idea job for an expat or for someone wanting to work from home or balance work and home life. As a coach you can coach face to face but many coaches coach over the phone which means your potential client base is global. Choose when to coach so that your work fits in with your life and not the other way around.

How can I coach?

There are many ways you can coach.

You can coach face to face where the coachee works, at the coachees house or at your house or office.

You can coach over the phone or on skype with either you calling the coachee or them calling you. They can be at work or at home depending on what time you both agree on and you can coach someone over the phone in any time zone.

Do I Need to Train to Become a Coach?

There is no mandatory requirement to train to be a coach. Anyone can hang up their shingles and call themselves a coach and some organisations offer coach training programs which can be completed in a few days but in our opinion this is not enough to make you a professional coach.  The peak body which represents the coaching profession is The International Coach Federation and their credential is recognised world wide.  If you complete an ICF accredited coach training program and to become a Professional Certified Coach, you will have completed 125 hours of Coach Specific Training in an Accredited Coach Training Program.  This training is based around the core coaching competencies as set out by the ICF.  You will also have completed 10 hours of mentor coaching and have logged 500 hours of coaching with at least 25 clients.  So to answer the question of whether you need to train to be a coach, the answer is the ICF recommends at least 125 hours of coach specific training.

Do I Have to Register With Anyone To Practice Coaching?

The coaching industry is a voluntary self regulated industry.  Coaches should adhere to the the The International Coach Federation code of ethics but there is no legal requirement to do so and no legal requirement to register as a coach.  You can become a member of the ICF by paying an annual fee and once you have met the coach training, supervision and coaching hours set out by the ICF, you can apply for the designation of "Certified Professional Coach".

Can I Start Coaching Whilst Studying?

Yes you can start coaching whilst studying to become a Professional Coach. At International Coach Academy we offer peer coaching where you would firstly get to experience what it is like to be coached and be the client. You can then start coaching your peers and applying the skills and techniques learned in the classes.  When you feel confident enough you can start coaching people outside the ICA community. We suggest coaching clients within your network to start off with and work your way up.

How Much Will I Earn as a Coach?

The International Coach Federation (Global peak body for coaching) commissioned independent research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct this groundbreaking study of coaches worldwide in order to evaluate the magnitude of the coaching profession.

The approximate annual worldwide revenue produced by coaching is $1.5 billion (USD) Full- and part-time coaches earn an average of $50,510 (USD) per year. Full-time coaches earn an average of $82,671 (USD) per year, and part-time coaches earn an average of $26,150 (USD) per year.

ICA Graduates Share How They Will Use Coaching...

Chris Walters

Personal Development Coach, USA


"I plan to use coaching to help people become mindful and self aware so they can realize and achieve their full potential."

Louise Parry Gathercole

Executive Coach, INDIA


"I am planning to use my coaching skills to help people recovering from cancer to return to a healthy lifestyle and to help people who are moving from one country to another to find their place and their passion in their new circumstances."

Anne Prieur



"My primary goal is to specialise in coaching children who have ADHD together with their parents in order to help them better understand how to support their children."

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