Approved Coach Specific Training (Short Courses)

The ICF Global Coaching Study 2020 found that  93% of manager and leaders using coaching skills have received some coach-specific training, including 79% through programs accredited by a professional coaching organization.

Since it's inception in 2001, ICA has delivered training virtually (e-learning).  As a new student of ICA, you will have immediate access to our secure online learnsite with curated resources, module downloads, class schedules and forum discussions.  It's up to you when you start and how many classes you take each week.  All programs listed below are beginning to end solutions, and are all inclusive - meaning no hidden costs, no unexpected certification hurdles, and full access to our coaching community.

Note: The programs listed below are short courses.  For more comprehensive training options, with certification and designations, view our ACTP study options.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q.Is the Training Accredited?

    A.ICA was the very first Australian based school to have their online training accredited with the ICF – and this was way back in 2001.  We hold both ACTP and ACSTH Accreditation. So, we consider ourselves pioneers of online learning.  Since then we’ve expanded our programs into 92 different countries. Read more

  • Q.Is the Training F2F or Online?

    A.Since it’s inception in 2001, ICA has delivered online training – referred to as e-learning.  This is an interactive process with many human touch points and milestones along the way.  Students choose the pace of study, but follow the same learning model.

  • Q.What Would My Study Load Be?

    A.The study load varies between students. Most are leading very busy lives, with families and/or full time jobs. So the class schedules are designed in a way that you can self pace. It’s up to you how many classes you take each week.  And, if you miss a class one week you can take it the next week or a following week. Read More

  • Q.How Will I Know Which Program to Choose?

    A.We always recommend considering your learning style, budget, timeframe for completion and coaching goals when selecting a training program.  If you’re unsure, use our program selection tool to help guide the process.

  • Q.Which Coaching Model underpins the Training?

    A.Often a coaching school will teach or promote a coaching model that is  based on the personal philosophy, passion or coaching model of the founder. But, at ICA we teach you how to create your own coaching model.  One that is unique to you, who you want to coach, and who you will be as a coach. Read More

  • Q.Who Will Be Sitting Next To Me In Classes?

    A.Our students live in 92 different countries, and speak many languages.  They connect each week via zoom classes, in coaching labs, via the forum and through peer coaching.  Lifelong friendships and networks are formed.

Download Program Syllabus

Download the Syllabus to compare program hours, inclusions, credential pathways and certification options.   All program are ICF Accredited, with the best program for you being the one that best matches your coaching goals, budget and timeframe for completion.