Life Design Course

Re Think The Way You Think


Life Design Certification.
18 hrs coach specific training.


Pathways to further study with direct credits for ACSTH or ACTP.


Complete in 3 - 6 months

Study Mode

Online learning with classes, labs, peer coaching and private coaches forum.

Create Positive Change for Yourself and Others

We are constantly grappling with change – changes we want to make happen, changes we have to make, and changes that are happening to us.

This course will introduce you to the concept of reframing a perspective and teach you the skills and knowledge to introduce a coach approach into your life and/or workplace.  It includes the ICA Coaching Power tools (created by International Coach Academy).

Program Hours: 18 hrs
Learnsite Access: up to 6 months
Average Completion Time: 3 months
Certificate: Life Design (Coaching Essentials)
Pathway: Graduates can pathway directly into the Workplace, Vocational, Certified, or Advanced Program.

Learning Outcomes

Many of the skills you will learn as a coach are actually life skills and can be used to add value to everyday life. You will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc. We also teach you the various influences that have created and impacted the development of coaching, and we cover the main skills and attributes required to be a coach. You will learn the power of releasing judgement, identifying your underlying beliefs and the importance of self confidence.

Included in Your Coach Training Program

A Coach Approach

Learn and explore the competencies and frameworks that underpin the profession of coaching. Includes

  • Foundations of Coaching
  • Facilitating Growth

FlipIt Facilitation

An introduction to the Flipit framework; a process for moving someone from where they are now to where they want to be.

  • Reframing Perspectives
  • ICA Coaching Power Tools
  • FlipIt Framework

The FlipIt Framework is based on the premise that the way we see our world is a choice. The same event can happen to two different people and they will respond in completely different ways.  As an example, we can choose to approach a new job or relationship with fear and trepidation, or we can choose to approach it with confidence and curiosity. And that choice will affect the happiness and satisfaction we feel.

Our online Learning platform is open 24/7 meaning you connect with your learning when it suits you best

At ICA we are unique in both our approach and the length of time we have been delivering our programs online.

Cutting Edge Instructional Design

The team of instructional designers who developed our learning platform in 2001 were amongst the first group of educators to develop and design online learning in Australia. The advantage this has given us as a school is that many of the teething problems and learning issues associated with online learning have been resolved.

Each program includes a set number of training hours but there's flexibility within the structure. The workplace program can be completed as a 30hr course with 'Workplace Coach' certification. Or, it can be completed as a pathway to the Vocational, Certified or Advanced program. Programs are available in English, Chinese or Italian (or a combination of both). 

Inclusive Pedagogy

Our training is designed with adult learners in mind. It is flexible, taught by real world practitioners and aims to provide tangible value. It is also designed to cater to diverse cultural and educational learning styles.


Introductory FlipIt Download

  • Increase your self awareness
  • Get a feel for the ICA Curriculum
  • Learn how to shift a perspective in less than an hour