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The 6 Features to Learning with ICA

International Coach Academy's coach training is delivered via a combination of live teleclasses, written training material, video and audio content as well as a lively learning forum.  This method of learning gives students a rich networking opportunity combining live classes with coaches from all over the world as well as the ability to go deeper and share resources and additional learning material in the forum.

  1. Downloadable PDF Modules
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Live Teleclasses
  4. Private Coaches Forum
  5. Peer Coaching
  6. Unparalleled Support

Why Online Learning?

In a recent interview we asked Robyn Logan (ICA CEO and Founder) why she chose Online learning for the ICA Community....

Here's her response...

1: Downloadable PDF Modules

Every core curriculum module in ICA's Coach Training has a PDF download.  This introduces the module concept, briefly explores key areas of learning,  and then offers opportunities for reflection.

2: Video Tutorial

Each module is then introduced via Video and again the key concepts are highlighted.  It's recommended students read both the module and watch the video tutorial before dialing into a teleclass.

3: Live Teleclasses

Each module is then introduced via Video and again the key concepts are highlighted.  It's recommended students read both the module and watch the video tutorial before dialing into a teleclass.  Students attend core curriculum classes, coach development labs and coaching practicum.

4: Private Coaches Forum

The community forum is faculty moderated and is where students post their reflections, find their peer coach, offer to be a peer client and connected socially.  It's a hub of activity, with many students organising local meet ups where they can connect face to face outside the 'online learning space'.

5: Peer Coaching

This is where you put theory into practice. Our Peer Coaching program spans over 90 countries and is where you learn first hand how to set up appointments and structure coaching calls, with the opportunity to be both coach and client.

6. Unparralalled Support

At the core of our school is a high level of respect for our student and graduate coaches.  Our support team have been with ICA for over 10 years and work in support because they love it.  They are invested in making sure each learner has the tools and resources they need to maximise their coach training investment.

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The Benefits of Blending Online Learning with Live Teleclasses

Many educational organisations are realizing that the old ways of teaching and learning are not working. The days of the teacher standing in front of the board and "lecturing" are becoming fewer and fewer. Instead our training methodology is one where the learning materials are available BEFORE class with the benefit being that as a student you can then use the actual class time to deepen your knowledge and overcome challenges.

When I studied my post-graduate in change management, I did it face-to-face at a university in Melbourne. I was working full-time and it was stressful getting to lectures.  I had to rush there and then would sit in the class, listen to the lectures, work out what I needed to do, and then rush home or back to work.   Only once or twice did I go to a café or had a conversation with another student.  I got my certification and got out.

Then, a couple of years later, I did a master’s in online learning and I did it online. It was amazing.  I made connections with people because, very simply, I was coming to the learning when I wanted to be there. They call that “just in time” learning.  It’s like when you feel hungry you eat. When I felt like learning I would log on and I would learn something. When I felt like connecting with other students I would log on and I would connect.  This greatly influenced how I then structured the learning at ICA for our coaching community.

Robyn Logan (CEO and Founder), International Coach Academy

Which Program to Choose?

When choosing a program it's important to consider how you would like to learn (which might be different to how you have learnt before), what pathway options are available to for further study or credentialing, program value for money,  and  how the program will fit your lifestyle.  To help you make these key decisions, we've shared some insights into our program.  Take the Program Selection Quiz to find the program best for you.

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