ICA's e-learning is interactive, structured and self paced

With E-Learning YOU Decide When You Take Classes

Since it's inception, ICA has leveraged the power of e-learning.  It's a style of learning that draws on many of the skills essential to coaching mastery - active listening, presence, focus and non judgment. It heightens the observation, learning and practice of coaching competencies. Students learn to attune to what is said and not said, to tone, pitch, and energy, and even the communication clues in a dry cough, a nervous laugh or an unusual pause.

Our online e-Learning is an interactive process with many human touch points and milestones along the way.  Students choose the pace they study, but follow the same learning model.

As soon as you join an ICA program we will get you set you up in our ICA Learnsite and organise a one on one orientation.   The Learnsite is host to all your required learning materials including the live class schedule (teleclasses), written training material, video tutorials and the faculty moderated learning forum.  These resources make up your training and will extend you an interactive, flexible and self paced learning opportunity that is rich with networking opportunities and friendships. 

Your learnsite and Learning Process includes...

  1. Downloadable PDF Modules
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Live Teleclasses
  4. Private Coaches Forum
  5. Peer Coaching
  6. Unparalleled Support

Coach training takes time and money and so it’s understandable that people want reassurance that online learning works.  Julia Griffin, ICA graduate, coach and educator, unpacks why learning coach training via e-learning sets you up for a life of coaching success.
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1: Downloadable Modules

Every core curriculum module in ICA's Coach Training has a PDF download.  This introduces the module concept, briefly explores key areas of learning,  and then offers opportunities for reflection.  Each module has been accredited by the International Coaching Federation and linked to specific ICF competency.

  • Coach Skills: Powerful Questions

    This module is part of our Certified and Advanced training (ACTP).  Students download and read this before dialing into the associated class.  Click Here for download

2: Video Tutorials

These short videos are designed to compliment the module download. They are normally only 2 - 5 mins long and using a conversational tone, they will step you through the key concepts outlined in the module download.   Click here to watch 'Powerful Questions' video

3: Live Teleclass with Live Video Streaming

Our students come from all over the world so our Teleclass Schedule mirrors the needs of our students.  We have over 30 classes per week with modules rotating through a class time.  This means you can choose a class times that suits your lifestyle and take each modules as it cycles through that time. Because classes do not need to be taken in any particular order, if you miss a class, you can take it at a later stage.

The process of joining a class is quite simple.  We use 'zoom' which is video conferencing software.  The app is free and can be used on your PC, Mac or mobile device.   Once downloaded, we will then give you a unique code which you can use to dial in using audio only,  or using a combination of video and audio.   

  • 1

    Connect Via Video

    We use a program called 'Zoom' to host our video classes. This is easy to install and can be used on a laptop (PC and Mac) or smart phone (eg. iphone).

  • 2

    Enter Meeting ID

    Each class then has it's own unique meeting code, that corresponds with the class topic. By entering this you are accepted into the learning space

  • 3

    Connect Audio

    You will then be prompted to dial into the class using the zoom app, skype or landline. Again there are local numbers for most countries.

  • 4

    Begin Your Learning

    Your trainer will welcome you to the call, and after some brief introductions, the learning will begin.

4: Private Coaches Forum

The community forum is faculty moderated and is where students post their reflections, find their peer coach, offer to be a peer client and connected socially.  It's a hub of activity, with many students organising local meet ups where they can connect face to face outside the 'online learning space'.

5: Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is the place where theory meets practice. There are two components to Peer Coaching; coaching and being coached. We encourage all new students to find a Peer Coach as soon as possible after enrolling.  Acting as a client for your Peer Coach offers a rich learning opportunity as you see what it feels like to be a client. You will also see how each coach has their own unique style and how different styles of coaching can be effective. Once you have completed at least 6 sessions with your Peer Coach and completed the Coaching Skills classes you will be ready to be a Peer Coach. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your learning by "doing".

We ask our students to keep in mind that this is a "Learning environment" not a "Knowing environment" and Peer Coaching is a safe way to practice and enhance your skills. 

Peer Coaching is offered in addition to your core training hours. Meaning that you can count it towards an ACC or PCC credential. 

6. Unparalalled Support

At the core of our school is a high level of respect for our student and graduate coaches.  Our support team have been with ICA for over 10 years and work in support because they love it.  They are invested in making sure each learner has the tools and resources they need to maximise their coach training investment.

Which Program to Choose?

When choosing a program it's important to consider how you would like to learn (which might be different to how you have learnt before), what pathway options are available to for further study or credentialing, program value for money,  and  how the program will fit your lifestyle.  To help you make these key decisions, we've shared some insights into our program.  Take the Program Selection Quiz to find the program best for you.

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