ICA Graduate Power Tools

Every coach at ICA develops their own unique Power Tool. They begin with their coaching model and niche - so who they are going to coach and the process or model they are going to use to coach them. This is an important process because it is through this that our coaches really develop themselves as unique coaches with a point of difference in the market.

This tool will be something they have used or discovered with their clients. It is designed around the 'Reframing Perspectives' concept and is intended to help move their clients from a disempowered perspective to an empowered perspective.

  • Power Tool: Paralyzing vs. Catalyzing

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Alina Bebia
    (Life Coach, ROMANIA)

    Many of us linger on the things we wish we could do better, more frequently, or at all. Sometimes, we find ourselves feeling “stuck” and unable to move forward Continue…

  • Power Tool: Satisfied vs. Ideal

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Betsy Sajdak
    (Career Coach, UNITED STATES)

    I have a long history with the word SATISFACTORY.  In fact, much of my lower school years were spent trying to move many of my grades from SATISFACTORY Continue…

  • Power Tool: Empty vs. Full

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Leslie Van Zyl-Smit
    (Life Coach, SOUTH AFRICA)

    From time to time along our journey through life, we encounter situations where our streams run dry and we find ourselves sitting Continue…

  • Power Tool: Energy vs. Time

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Marco Paracciani
    (Executive Coach, THAILAND)

    In the corporate world, being a senior executive is a great honor and a big responsibility. This responsibility usually comes with high demands Continue…

  • Power Tool: Thoughts vs. Facts

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Amy Strom
    (Transformational Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES)

    According to a recent study done by Dr. Jordan Poppenk, Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, the average person was shown Continue…

  • Power Tool: Contemplation vs. Preparation

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Catalin Bebia
    (Life Coach, ROMANIA)

    When people show up for the coaching session they already had thought about a problem that they would like to discuss and develop an action plan to overcome. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Concentration vs. Absent-mindedness

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Mohamed Hamad Al Barasi
    (Leadership Coach, SWITZERLAND)

    One of the wisest people has astutely realized that there are only two mistakes on the road to personal success: “Not to start or not to go all the way” Continue…

  • Power Tool: Resistance vs. Growth

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Dane Sacree
    (Life Coach, UNITED STATES)

    A power tool is an instrumental technique in switching one’s perspective to something that provides more benefits in facing a situation. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Will vs. Illusion

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Eduardo Mendes
    (Executive and Leadership Coach, PORTUGAL)

    The choice of this topic is rooted in the truth behind the following expression: “if you want something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t want it, you’ll find an excuse”. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Procrastination vs. Taking Action

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Nadejda Anguelova
    (Transformational Coach, BULGARIA)

    When it comes to procrastination, we all have been down that road. Whenever we have a task to fulfill – no matter if it is at work or home, Continue…

  • Power Tool: Powerless vs. Powerful

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Elaina Carpino
    (Executive Coach, UNITED STATES)

    In today’s VUCA (vulnerable, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, and in a state of powerlessness. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Procrastination vs. Prioritisation

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Laura Cho Yee Swe Myint
    (Career & Executive Coach, MYANMAR)

    A lot of the times we hear the excuse that people often love leaving things to the last minute. They justify their actions by claiming Continue…