What are The Graduate Power Tools?

Every coach at ICA develops their own unique Power Tool. They begin with their coaching model and niche - so who they are going to coach and the process or model they are going to use to coach them. This is an important process because it is through this that our coaches really develop themselves as unique coaches with a point of difference in the market.

Once our coaches are clear on their model and niche then then develop their own Power Tool. This tool will be something they have used or discovered with their clients. It is designed around the 'Reframing Perspectives' concept and is intended to help move their clients from a disempowered perspective to an empowered perspective.

ICA Graduate Power Tools

  • Power Tool: Procrastination vs. Prioritisation

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Laura Cho Yee Swe Myint
    (Career & Executive Coach, MYANMAR)

    A lot of the times we hear the excuse that people often love leaving things to the last minute. They justify their actions by claiming Continue…

  • Power Tool: Listening the Inner Wisdom vs. Analyzing

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Minna-Maria Virtanen
    (Life Coach, Transformational Coach, FINLAND)

    When we need to make decisions, I guess many of us try to analyze situations and we count pros and coins. That can give us little more clarity, Continue…

  • Power Tool: Engagement vs. Disengagement

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Elaine Lee
    (Health and Wellness Coach, SINGAPORE)

    Fostering mutual trust, respect and understanding are fundamental in coaching to engage your clients. As a coach, I need to be constantly reviewing Continue…

  • Power Tool: Beautiful State vs. Suffering State

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Ram Levin
    (Success Coach, Leadership Coach, THAILAND)

    There are many approaches to deal with life’s experiences; one method claims that humans can live in two states; Beautiful State or Suffering State. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Open Communication vs. Passive Aggression

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Martina Malavenda
    (Relationship Coach, ITALY)

    When it comes to having healthier, more successful and smoother relationships with others, being able to have open communication with them Continue…

  • Power Tool: Challenge vs. Confrontation

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Catriona McDermott
    (Executive Career Coach, LUXEMBOURG)

    It’s great to be challenged.  To dig deep, to stretch your abilities mental or physical, challenge your thinking or perspectives or learning – whatever it may be. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Gratitude vs. Expectation

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Camille Gold
    (Communication and Relationships Coach, UNITED  STATES)

    With the exception of physical sensation (i.e. not happy when in pain, satisfied after a good meal, etc.) it is not events that cause feelings Continue…

  • Power Tool: Doubt vs. Self-belief

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Paul Lewis
    (Transformational Coach, UNITED STATES)

    There’s a powerful underlying belief that often undermines momentum, progress, and outcomes: Doubt. Uncertainty, combined with a lack Continue…

  • Power Tool: Action Driver: Love vs. Fear

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Paola Knecht
    (Transformational Coach, SWITZERLAND)

    One of our most valuable and unique capabilities as humans is our ability to make decisions. It is a well- known fact that we make on average Continue…

  • Power Tool: Captivity vs. Freedom

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Barbara Busi
    (Career Coach, FRANCE)

    How many times have you been captured by negative thoughts and were you unable to act due to a belief generated by your mind? Continue…

  • Power Tool: Gratitude vs. Envy

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Teresa Andronikou
    (Life Coach, Single Moms, CANADA)

    Growing up, I was always provided all the things that I needed and wanted from my parents.  When I got a little older and would Continue…

  • Power Tool: Competition vs. Collaboration

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Lori Peterson
    (Business Coach, UNITED STATES)

    This power tool will explore the dynamic of Competition vs. Collaboration. Coaches can use the ideas and language within this power tool Continue…