What are The Graduate Power Tools?

Every coach at ICA develops their own unique Power Tool. They begin with their coaching model and niche - so who they are going to coach and the process or model they are going to use to coach them. This is an important process because it is through this that our coaches really develop themselves as unique coaches with a point of difference in the market.

Once our coaches are clear on their model and niche then then develop their own Power Tool. This tool will be something they have used or discovered with their clients. It is designed around the 'Reframing Perspectives' concept and is intended to help move their clients from a disempowered perspective to an empowered perspective.

ICA Graduate Power Tools

Amal Massis-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Upgrading: Version 1 vs. Version 2

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Amal Massis (Life Coach, PALESTINE)                     Version 1                                 Version 2 Working for many years in a corporate I gained a better understanding into the importance ...
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Power Tool: Self-judgment vs. Self-compassion

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Elena Chen (Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES) Definition Self-judgment The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines judgment to be an opinion or estimate formed by discerning and comparing. According to Springer, self-judgment “results from thoughts individuals have about themselves and the meanings attached to those thoughts”. Self-judgment is not simply an opinion or ...
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Power Tool: Intuition vs. Logic

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Heba Zayan (Youth Life Coach, EGYPT) I think we’ve all been in a situation where something looked really great on paper but, for whatever reason, we couldn’t shake that funny feeling that said, “Something about this just isn’t right.” Logic can sometimes lead us to a starkly different conclusion ...
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Solange Corm-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Passion vs. Practicality

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Solange Corm (Career Coach, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) Passion is by simple and short definition: a strong and barely controllable emotion. It is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something. Being a career coach, how many passionate individuals I encounter in my profession? And endless number! However, the question is: ...
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Florence Adu-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Criticism vs. Feedback

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Florence Adu (Life Coach, GHANA) This power tool is an exploration of the concepts of Feedback and Criticism. I chose these two concepts as an important Power Tool to explore because understanding these are foundations for my journey to becoming a Coach.  Feedback is a core competency.  These are ...
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Bridgette Raynolds-Perry-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Empathy vs. Empath-y

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Bridgette Raynolds-Perry (Transitional Coach, UNITED STATES) Empathy is an integral part of how we connect to people. It is also considered a strength in a Life Coach. What does it mean to use empathy in our personal lives and as coaches? It is a powerful tool when wielded in ...
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Shannon Kiprits-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Space vs. Pace

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Shannon Kiprits (Life Coach, ESTONIA) To help my clients bring about a new perspective about their situation, about themselves, others around them, or even their dreams I would like to help them shift from a Pace of Living to a Life of Space. We have all experienced a time ...
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Dinko Barbalic-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Act vs. Think

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Dinko Barbalic (Transformational Coach, UNITED STATES) We are what we constantly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.  Aristotle The ACT is the process of doing something. DOING is the act of performing or executing something; the acts of making something happen through your own action. It ...
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Power Tool: Creator vs. Created

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Dianne Ward (Executive Coach, UNITED STATES) Have we finished creatures that have been created or are we still in the process of creation? Can we take the role of the creator in our lives? Clients may not be able to see beyond their past experiences, results and decisions. Because ...
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Michelle Reidy-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Resiliency vs. Complacency

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Michelle Reidy (Business Coach, UNITED STATES) At work, I have the privilege of leading a small team that handles all of our new employee on-boarding. Our company has been growing rapidly recently, keeping us busy. However, with growth comes lots of other changes needed to scale a business beyond ...
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Power Tool: Doubt vs. Confidence

Power Tool: Doubt vs. Confidence

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Lydia Gayino (Women Empowerment Coach & Leadership Coach, FRANCE)  Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.― William Shakespeare In life things evolve, you choose a career, a partner, you have children, meet new friends and go through ups ...
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Power Tool: Low-Cost Probe vs. Long Term Commitment

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Carolyn Castleberry-Hux (Executive Coach, UNITED STATES) Introduction “How will I be remembered?” This a question at the heart of many of the clients who have come through the late Bob Buford’s door at The Halftime Institute in Dallas. He recorded this in one of his last articles on bizjournal.com ...
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Power Tool: Active vs. Passive

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Florence Reisch (Life coach: Expat woman & TCK coach, United Arab Emirates) For the last 20 years, not one day looked the same as the day before. I have been an expat for 20 years now, I lived on 6 different continents, in 6 different countries, from newly married, ...
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Power Tool: Self-Reliance vs. Self Doubt

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Sofia Leone (Life Coach, ITALY) I have worked with young people in southern Italy for the past eight years and their honesty and wit has helped me shape a model of education that goes far beyond the classic coursebook. By combining life coaching tools, powerful questions and active listening ...
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Natalie Beauchamp Power Tool

Power Tool: Contraction vs. Expansion

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Natalie Beauchamp (Transformational Coach, CANADA) Trust yourself enough to let go, shift, and uproot.  Give yourself permission to shed who you use to be.  You are allowed to start over and find new ways to bloom into your best self ~ Alex Elle Contraction Noun:  The process of becoming ...
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Power Tool: Trust vs. Doubt

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Ting Ting, Kat Chan (Career Coach, SINGAPORE) It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.– Warren Buffett There is a phase in Chinese idioms - 用人不疑疑人不用 - yírénbùyòng, yòngrénbùyí When you employ or engage someone to work. Do not doubt or suspect the ...
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Power Tool: Scattered vs. Centered

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Yun Ju Ruby (Life Coach, TAIWAN) The Process From Instability To Stability Every human being contains the source of life within them. People are naturally resourceful and powerful. Many who experience scattered thoughts or emotions know the feeling of scarcity and powerlessness. Often when we are disconnected from our ...
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Power Tool: I Wish vs. I Can

Power Tool: I Wish vs. I Can

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Amy Scott (Life Coach, UNITED STATES) Have you ever seen someone doing something that sounds really interesting, inspiring, unique, or adventurous and heard yourself say (out loud or to yourself), “I wish I could do that”? Or perhaps you’re the one doing something that others find appealing, and they ...
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Power Tool: Responsibility vs. Blame

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Katharina Von Knobloch (Expat Partner Coach, UNITED STATES) We cannot always change our circumstances but we can change our perspective. This realization is a powerful tool to overcome any obstacle that might come our way. In my work as a coach, I am focusing on helping expats who have ...
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Power Tool: Observation vs. Judgment

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Thierry Lacarne (Executive Coach, HONG KONG) Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian author, writes: A young couple moved into a neighborhood. The next morning while they were eating breakfast, the young woman saw her neighbor hanging the washing outside. “That laundry is not very clean; she does not know how to ...
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Power Tool: Perfect vs. Good Enough

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Megan Bautista (Life Coach, AUSTRALIA) Introduction Often times when a client is reaching out to a coach for help, it is because they have not been able to achieve something that they wish they could.  Whether this be starting something, finishing something or simply doing something, it can be ...
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Rossella Pin-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Excitement vs. Anxiety

A Coaching Power Tool created by Rossella Pin (Transformational Coach, ITALY) That anxiety makes its appearance is the pivot upon which everything turns. S. Kierkegaard How many times have you been floating from excitement to anxiety and vice versa? Can you remember your feelings? Just close your eyes for few minutes and think about a time ...
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Power Tool: Evolve Your Ecosystem

A Coaching Power Tool Created by James Rosseau (Executive Coach, UNITED STATES) As relationships and the healthiness of them is a factor in how we achieve things, I developed this tool to help people gain insights into key relationships. The tool is framed around "Evolving your Ecosystem."   When delivering this to a client, whether in ...
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Wayne Farrell-Power-Tool

Power Tool: Reasons vs. Results

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Wayne Farrell (Business Coach, UNITED KINGDOM) Reasons Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Mark ...
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