ICA Graduate Power Tools

Every coach at ICA develops their own unique Power Tool. They begin with their coaching model and niche - so who they are going to coach and the process or model they are going to use to coach them. This is an important process because it is through this that our coaches really develop themselves as unique coaches with a point of difference in the market.

This tool will be something they have used or discovered with their clients. It is designed around the 'Reframing Perspectives' concept and is intended to help move their clients from a disempowered perspective to an empowered perspective.

  • Power Tool: Discipline vs. Disorder

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Justin McKnight
    (Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES)

    As we work towards personal development, there are many tasks to embrace and apply to our ongoing improvement. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Gratitude vs. Complaining

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Sara Janiczek
    (Relationship Coach, GERMANY)

    Every year Thanksgiving is celebrated. It motivates Americans to focus on all the good that is already present in their lives. The word gratitude Continue…

  • Power Tool: Resistance vs. Acceptance

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by David Kincaid
    (Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES)

    What is this resistance so many of us experience? When we resist, we seek to avoid the negative impact of some action or we attempt to prevent Continue…

  • Power Tool: From Problem Solver vs. Opportunity Finder

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Michèle Smole
    (Executive Coach, SWITZERLAND)

    For the longest time, I pride myself on being an effective and creative problem solver. People would come to me with their problems asking Continue…

  • Power Tool: Determination vs. Self-Pity

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Maha Khaliq
    (Personal Development and Growth Coach, UNITED STATES)

    We all have the privilege to view our life from our lens. This is a power that is handed to us and comes with great responsibility. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Identity vs. Achievement

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Heike Geiling
    (Intercultural Coach, SWITZERLAND)

    When we talk about achievements we talk about what the free online dictionary defines as “a result gained by effort” or “a thing is done successfully Continue…

  • Power Tool: A Spirit of a Sound Mind vs. Fear

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Juli Hychko
    (Life Coach, Small Business Stylist Coach, UNITED STATES)

    The coaching journey will oftentimes result in painful and frustrating realizations. It can be super hard to keep up the hope that our lives Continue…

  • Power Tool: Security vs. Insecurity

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by David Braun
    (Executive Coach, CANADA)

    Insecurity is something every human experience in moments or for long seasons. Most would agree it is apart of the human plight. Insecurity is experienced Continue…

  • Power Tool: Compassion vs. Ego

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Milena Carruzzo
    (Relationships Coach, SWITZERLAND)

    A relationship is defined as “the way two or more people or things are connected to each other” and “the way two or more people regard or behave Continue…

  • Power Tool: Perfection(ism) vs. Authenticity

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Olga Valadon
    (Leadership Coach, UNITED KINGDOM)

    We are constantly looking for perfection in ourselves. We want to achieve everything in life and everything has to be perfect. Anything less Continue…

  • Power Tool: Self-Limiting Beliefs vs. Out of the Box Thinking

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Amy Lechelt
    (Transformation Coach, UNITED STATES)

    Have you ever stopped to consider the difference between your belief/s vs. your reality? What if you were to consider belief is based Continue…

  • Power Tool: Authenticity vs. Transparency

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Gail Anette Regina Walters
    (Blended Coach, SOUTH AFRICA)

    The reality of walking, talking, looking, climbing, working, travelling, living and loving just to be “Me, I, Myself,” and most importantly Continue…