What are The Graduate Power Tools?

Every coach at ICA develops their own unique Power Tool. They begin with their coaching model and niche - so who they are going to coach and the process or model they are going to use to coach them. This is an important process because it is through this that our coaches really develop themselves as unique coaches with a point of difference in the market.

Once our coaches are clear on their model and niche then then develop their own Power Tool. This tool will be something they have used or discovered with their clients. It is designed around the 'Reframing Perspectives' concept and is intended to help move their clients from a disempowered perspective to an empowered perspective.

ICA Graduate Power Tools

  • Power Tool: Acceptance vs. Denial

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Sherry Fang
    (Teaching Coach, Blended Coach, TAIPEI)

    Why do we feel stuck and constantly being held back? Why do we feel incomplete while pushing ourselves to complete a task or goal Continue…

  • Power Tool: Internal vs. External

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Colleen Cluett
    (Life Coach, UNITED KINGDOM)

    We, humans, are a social species. We desire, create and function from relationships with multiple other people during our lifetime. Continue…

  • Power Tool: Fear vs. Knowledge

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Karen Somers
    (Development Coach, UNITED STATES)

    Fear can either motivate or immobilize. We all react differently when confronted with our terrors. From a young age, our environment Continue…

  • Power Tool: Fear vs. Courage

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Heather Howland
    (Purposeful Living Coach, UNITED STATES)

    Courage is not the opposite of fear, and courage is not possible without the presence of fear.  The duality between the two reveals itself Continue…

  • Power Tool: Love vs. Shame

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Gabrielle Karam
    (Empowerment Coach, UNITED STATES)

    According to the Merriman Dictionary, love is defined as, “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties” (Merriman). Continue…

  • Power Tool: Criticising vs. Observing

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Silvia Piaia
    (Life and Parenting Coach, ITALY)

    The Oxford Dictionary of English describes the act of criticising somebody or something as “to say that you disapprove of somebody Continue…

  • Power Tool: Feeling Worthless vs. Feeling Powerful

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Saskia Bergmann
    (Career Transformation Coach, NETHERLANDS)

    For many years I had to fight with feelings of not being good enough, not being worthy and making myself small. I put other people’s opinions Continue…

  • Power Tool: Ego vs. Intellect

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Wendy Yaniv
    (Transitional Coach, ISRAEL)

    These words resonated with me, specifically with regard to the work involving Transitional Life Coaching. The very focus of transitional Continue…

  • Power Tool: Anticipatory Thinking vs. Connection to the Present

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Heather Tingle
    (Transformation Coach, CANADA)

    Many people seek out coaching for personal or professional growth, to get out of a place of stasis or sense of feeling stuck. As coaches, it is part Continue…

  • Power Tool: Willpower vs. Incentives

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Emma Folkman
    (Self(ish) Coach, UNITED STATES)

    If you run a “Google image” search for willpower, you will see a logo of an arm starting at the bicep, connected to a brain. This is the perfect Continue…

  • Power Tool: Courage vs. Fear

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Tan Nguyen
    (Executive Coach, AUSTRALIA)

    We need the courage to look at fear into the eyes and move forward. We all need the courage to take action and yet fear often finds a way Continue…

  • Power Tool: From Auto-Pilot vs. Self-Awareness

    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Natacha Sommer Carvalho
    (Executive Women in Leadership Coach, SWITZERLAND)

    Self-awareness is a very important tool in personal and professional growth. Developing the capability to know ourselves and to sustain Continue…