Student Life is Self Paced

What is Self Paced Learning?

At International Coach Academy we aim to make our coach training as flexible as possible. You can study to become a coach whilst you are working or at home looking after your family.

Self paced learning is where you are in charge of what you learn, at what pace and when. It’s not rocket science, but people tend to learn better when they choose when and what they learn. In our program you can select the topics that are of most interest and start there. You can choose a class time that fits in with your work and family life and choose which areas you dive into more deeply. So although you do have to cover all of the material to graduate, you can choose WHEN and HOW you engage with the concepts.

Do You Have Enough Time to Study?

We get asked this question alot and it can be a concern for people who have already busy lives juggling families, work commitments, careers, leisure etc. But, one of the main benefits of ICA's training delivery is that it's mobile.  You can study from anywhere, at anytime.  It's also flexible in that you decide when you learn and how many classes you take each week. If you miss a class one week, it doesn't matter because you can just pick it up the week after.

Robyn Logan (CEO and Founder), International Coach Academy

How Does the Class Schedule Work?

1. We offer over 30 classes each week
Our class calendar is available well in advance so you can plan your schedule. Classes are available for all time zones and include weekend options. This works well for students around the world and allows coach training to be accessible for those who travel.

2. Classes can be taken in any sequence.
Our programs are divided into modules. Each 60 minute class covers one module and they do not have to be taken in a particular sequence. This allows you to take as many or few classes each week as you wish.

3. Each week you decide on the number of classes you attend.
There is no such thing as a missed class at ICA. Each week you decide how many classes you wish to take. You could take one this week and four next week. If something unexpected arises it's not a problem.

4. Begin when the time is right for you.
Open enrolments mean you start when you're ready. There's no waiting for the next start date. When you enrol and your payment is processed you will be given full access to our learnsite, community forum and peer coaching program.

5. We build extra time into each program for unexpected interruptions.
Program access times range from 12 to 24 months. We know sometimes life can get in the way so we've added extra time. For example our Certified Program includes 18 months of program access however most students graduate in approx 9 to 12 months, and many have graduated in 6 months

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What would a regular study week look like?

It's different for everyone because we all have our own family and work schedules that we need to work around.  For someone wanting to fast track their studies and complete in 6 to 9 months they would need to take 2 to 3 classes a week.  Those wanting to take things a bit slower, and use up their full 18 months would only need to take 1 - 2 classes a week.

EXAMPLE WEEKLY SCHEDULE (based on fast track option)

  • Live Teleclasses (3 hours per week)

    Monday @ 8pm: Course Labs
    Saturday @ 10am: Mentor Coaching
    Saturday @ 11am: Core Curriculum

  • Self Study (30 mins each week)

    This includes connecting with your peers in the forum (reading and commenting on portfolios, finding a peer coach or offering to be a peer client) or preparing your course outcomes.

  • Peer Coaching (30 mins)

    Either be the coach or be the client to make up your peer coaching hours.

* And of course this is flexible.  It might be that one week you only do 1 class, and then 4 the next week.  Or, you might do all your self study in one block at the end of the month instead of each week.

** For those wanting to self pace, the hours per week shown above would be reduced by half

How fast can I graduate?

With the flexible training schedule you can graduate in as little as 6 months by taking multiple classes per week and logging your coaching hours.

How long can I take to graduate?

Each coach training program includes a certain number of months access. For example the certified coach training program allows you to take up to 18 month access which is generally plenty of time, however with all our programs if you need more time, you can extend your access to the program with an $85 per month membership until your graduate.

Do classes need to be taken in a particular order?

The coach training programs are divided into courses and each course contains modules and teleclasses associated with the modules.  Courses and modules can be taken in any order. We recommend starting with Foundation Coach Course but with the flexible schedule you can start wherever you like.

What if things change and I need to take a break from my studies?

Most of the students in our program have ongoing family or work commitments that influence the time they set aside for study. We totally  understand that and for this reason our programs are flexible and designed so that you create the study schedule that fits with your lifestyle and not the other way around.  If for some reason you find you need to take a break from your studies, then we have an enrollment variation policy where you can stop the clock on your studies for up to 6 months.

Tobias Demker <br/>Leadership coach, CHINA

Coaching is part of my job as a consultant, facilitator, and trainer. Coaching not only enhances my skills as a facilitator, trainer, and consultant, but also in all is useful for all aspects of life outside work. Coaching is also an essential skill for all leaders, so it comes naturally to me to work with coaching in leadership development.

Tobias Demker
Leadership coach, CHINA

Do I need a computer to take the course?

You will need access to a computer to access the learnsite and the private forum.  Classes are delivered via teleclass and students dial in using skype or a phone card.  Support is available to students getting started.

How much will phone calls cost?

The cost of phone calls vary from country to country. Most countries now have international phone cards that cost a few cents per minute to dial into a US bridge line. Some students have unlimited home or mobile phone plans in which case the home or mobile phone can be used to dial in. Many students call in via skype and purchase skype credits to make the calls. For a 60 minute call, the costs can be as low as $1.50 USD.

Do I need to be tech savvy to train to be a coach online?

We have many students who are technology shy and who have never used Skype and are not computer savvy.  We offer support for students starting up including video training and a getting started live call.  If you have never participated in a tele class, we have detailed tele class etiquette showing you what to expect.  If you can use a telephone and open a web page, you will be able to participate in the coach training.

Can you really connect other students in a virtual learning environment?

The resounding answer to this question is YES and it's one of the key benefits of training at International Coach Academy with coaches from all over the world. Strong friendships and professional networks along with a global perspective on coaching issues and skills.

Where do I go when I do need help?

There's several places you can get support with your studies and our one contact policy means that if the first person you contact doesn't know the answer, they will do the running around and get back to you with the information you need.

  • Support Hub

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