International Coach Academy (ICA) was the first Australian school to have their online curriculum accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  International Coach Academy's coach training is delivered via a combination of live teleclasses, written training material, video and audio content as well as a lively learning forum.

Our coaches are independant, well trained professionals who carve out a unique place for themselves in the global coaching industry. This is why:



  • You Create a Unique Personal Coaching Model

    We don’t ask you to follow our coaching model (or anyone else’s for that matter) We work with you to identify YOUR unique strengths as a coach and turn them into a powerful coaching model that will work for your clients and your market. Read More

  • Not Anchored to Any One Belief System

    Our curriculum is not anchored to one single theory or belief system. You will study the wide range of philosophies and theories that have influenced and formed the coaching profession. Read More


Vocational Coach Training Program

72 hours of Accredited Coach Specific Training that includes the core competencies, mentor coaching and observed coaching needed to pursue the ACC credential via the ICF's ACSTH pathway.  Read More

Certified Coach Training Program

125 hours of Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) for those wanting to start a career as a Professional Coach or professionals wanting to become certified coaches. This program includes designing your own coaching model and power tool and support getting your coach certification and pathways to either an ACC or PCC credential via the ACTP track.  Read More

Advanced Coach Training Program

125 hours of Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) PLUS 25 hours ICA Certified Business Building.  Includes core curriculum, mentor coaching and  observed coaching as required to pursue ICF's ACC or PCC credential via the direct ACTP track. Read More

Can You Fit Coach Training Into Your Schedule?

It's a question that comes up alot!  The answer is yes and the reason is that with over 30 classes to choose from each week, you decide when and how many classes you attend.

Flexibility is the key.  You can go slow, fast track and even defer if needed.  Find out more about Life As A Student at ICA

Image Source: ICA Students and Graduates (Toronto, Canada Meet Up)

Accredited Training Offering Pathways to Your ICF Credential

ICA's Community is Local and Global

ICACoaches live in over 92 different countries around the world, and are all either enrolled in, or graduated, from one of our online training programs.  They overwhelming say that one of the things they love most about ICA is the connected community, where they establish lifelong networks and friendships.



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Asia Pacific

Sample a Module or Live Class

Our training offers a unique blend of downloadable modules, video tutorials, live classes, learning labs, forum participation and coaching practicum.

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Which Program is Right for You?

Use our Interactive Selector Tool and work out the best path, best certification, best value program for you.

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Career Coach, SINGAPORE

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"I Learned a lot from the conversations with other fellow ICA students as well as from the lessons and coaching sessions. The international flavour of ICA is irreplaceable. We are so far yet just a Skype call away!"


Executive Coach, INDIA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"My most memorable moment of the training was my mentor coaching session with a peer in class. I felt a sense of achievement and deep satisfaction having independently coached a fellow student. The shift in her voice impacted my confidence positively. Thank you ICA for the opportunity."



testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"When I got to meet in person two of my ICA student and friends - one from Germany, and one from Vancouver, We met up in Washingston state for a weekend and had the best time ever! The friends I have met in ICA are worth their weight in gold."


Executive Coach, CANADA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"The Advanced ICA syllabus holds the topics I always wanted to grow and evolve in, in a more profound and structured way. I love the ICA open approach to be able to develop as a coach in my own unique authentic way."

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    Join Robyn Logan and Andrea Lee on this great podcast about all things coaching.
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  • Coaching Case Studies

    Coaching Models, Power Tools, Research Papers. -all created by our students
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  • Day in the Life

    Video Interviews with Graduate Coaches with a diverse range of niches.
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  • Coaching Tips

    Get tips and strategies in our regular Coaching Tips Videos
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  • Graduation Yearbooks

    Regular publication showcasing our amazing graduates
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  • Coaching 101 Minutes

    A recap of the conversations and questions covered during our Coaching 101 Classes.
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