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Merci Miglino

I came to coaching looking for something I could do that I would be gifted at.  I went from trying to change the whole world to trying to change one person at a time, and the first person I changed was myself

Merci Miglino MCC

5 Essential Coach Skills eBook

We chose the 5 skills that our coaches found made the biggest impact on their lives, and those around them.

These 5 Essential Coach Skills and live classes have been selected from our library of modules as being the key foundations for any coaching relationship.  These are everyday tools you can use to add value or create change in your life.  You can join a live class, or just download and read the modules.  Our faculty are on stand by to answer any questions. So, drop into our facebook page, or send us an email and we'll connect with you. Enjoy!

Introducing the modules and concepts discussed in each of the teleclasses

Each class at ICA references a core coaching competency module.  We've packaged these up into an ebook and highly recommend you download and read each module before joining a class from the schedule below.

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Live Classes For Beginners (Sample Our Training)

ICA has been delivering e-learning since 2001 and have a proven methodology that supports a range of different learning styles.   As soon as you join our school, we set you up with password protected access to the ICA Learnsite. This is where you find all your learning materials, class schedules, community forum etc.  You immediately become a member of our global community.   The learning process for students is as follows:

1. Download and read the coach training module
2. Dial into a class using zoom audio and video (facilitated by an ICA Trainer)
3. Post your reflections on the forum

Join a Class (a great way to sample our training)

These beginner classes are for someone starting out on their coach training journey or wanting to add coach skills to an existing skill set.  Theses classes are taken from ICA's certified coach training curriculum which has been accredited by the International Coach Federation and is aligned with the core competencies of coaching.

Our class schedules consider students in over 92 different countries and time zones.  But, to keep the schedule simple to read, we've published all classes in New York Eastern time . You can convert this to your time zone using a tool such as www.timeanddate.com

These are real classes, with real faculty and students.  Numbers are limited to be sure all learners have the opportunity to explore and discuss the coaching concepts.

Module 1:
What is Coaching?

Coaching involves dialogue between a coach and a client with the aim of helping the client clarify their values, establish what is important to them, and obtain a fulfilling life.

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Module 2: Releasing Judgement

The first response to being judged is to feel guilty - even if its only for a very short time. And, those who judge others, often justify it to themselves as a 'truth'.  It doesn't have to be like this!

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Module 3:
Active Listening

Very few people actually really listen. Generally they are thinking more about what they want to say next than what the other person is saying. Deep listening skills are a must for coaches.

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Module 4:
Powerful Questioning

Questioning is the cornerstone of coaching. When done well, it is the skill that most distinguished coaching from different forms of personal or professional development.

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Module 5:
Creating Action

Action is not just about "doing things" it can also be reading, or talking to someone, or thinking. It can be anything that moves your client from where they are now to where they want to be.

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