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Reframing Perspective

Reframing a perspective is a bit like wearing glasses. If your glasses have a yellow tint, every day when you put them on you will see the world with a yellow tint. Over time you might forget that your glasses are tinted yellow and you start to believe that the world, through your eyes, has a yellow glaze to it.

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Be The Creative Director of Your Own Life

The concept of “Reframing Perspectives” is an essential coaching skill that helps clients see things differently and, as a result, come to different, more empowering conclusions or feelings about events or experiences. The coach’s ability to reframe a situation for the client can provide a new perspective and, with it, new possibilities. Things that seemed impossible now seem possible.

Perspective is a point of view; a way of looking at or interpreting a set of events. We all have perspectives about our world and the circumstances we find ourselves in. And it’s your perspective that determines your experience in life, not your circumstances. So while we cannot always change our circumstances we can choose to change our perspective at any time.

The glasses analogy offers us a clearer understanding of how easy it is to see something in a particular way – your perspective. By changing the way we see something, reframing our perspective, everything can look very different. Say for example you just started a new job and when you opened your first paycheck it was $100 less than you thought it should be. How you interpret and then respond to this event is influenced by your perspective. If for example you see, or already believe, that all workplaces are bad and run by evil people out to exploit you, you might be angry or even outraged. With this perspective you might go in Monday morning demanding an explanation. If however you believe that workplaces are positive places, run by people who are inherently good or trying their best, you will respond differently. With this perspective you might see the paycheck incident as a mistake, made by well meaning people, in which case you would go in on Monday morning and pleasantly let the Finance staff know about the error.

What Reframing is NOT
Reframing is not about pretending that everything is great for the client. Rather, it offers and invites more and varied ways for clients to consider the problems they are facing and to find new ways to meet the challenges.

Re-framing is not about changing your client’s mind. Instead, it is about creating a shift in consciousness to help them see things in a whole new way. This shift requires that they be willing to understand that there is more than one way to look at a given situation. It’s about opening thought and showing a fuller range of possibilities. It can also be about finding “the silver lining” to a cloud.


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