Some Tips for Getting Started with Your First Class

Classes are are quite structured, meaning that you know what to expect before you dial in and can prepare accordingly.  There will generally be between 10 - 20 students in each classes, and although they will be dialing in from many different countries, they will most likely live in a country that has the same time zone as you.  You will also find they are often at the same learning level. For example: if you are a new student joining a 'What is Coaching' class then there will most likely be other new students in that same class (because this is an introductory module).

In preparation for your class, we recommend you:

  1. Download and read the coach training module
  2. Watch the Video Tutorial
  3. Convert the time of the class to your location (there's many simple web based time convertors)
  4. Download Zoom on your computer or mobile device Read More
  5. Ask for help along the way if you need it