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Learning is a social activity, it happens between PEOPLE

The concept of 'online coach training' is often misunderstood as being just a collection of self study resources or, most recently, a series of zoom classes. But, at ICA the term online learning refers to an interactive e-learning methodology and a thriving community of coaching networks and friendships. All coach training materials (class schedules, module downloads, video tutorials, selected resources, and the ICA Coaches private forum) are hosted in our Learnsite.  A Learnsite that has been online since 2001 and built specifically for ICA's learning community.

At ICA the learning includes many touchpoints, with each program including the following:

Join a Class or Coaching Lab

Each month we open up a selection of classes for prospective students.  Although this is just one component of the ICA learning experience, it will help you to get a feel for what it's like to train with ICA.  The classes shown below are in NY ET and can be converted to your timezone using an online time converter.   Each class runs for an hour and will be facilitated by an ICA Coach Trainer.  You can actively engage in the learning, or listen quietly in the background.


ICA's training has been online, and accredited by the ICF, since 2001.  Our Learnsite has over 20 years of modules, curated resources and coaching conversations.  Before attending classes you will read a module or watch an instructional video.  Following classes you will reflect on your learning through coaching practicum, course outcomes, forum reflections and portfolio development.