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    An opportunity to sample our training with downloadable modules, video tutorials and access to live classes.

Sample Module and Video Tutorial

Every module in ICA's curriculum has a corresponding download, video tutorial and live teleclass.  We call these core curriculum Teleclasses.  We've selected two of these modules and shared them with you below. Both are Approved Coach Specific Training (ACSTH) meaning that they have been accredited by the International Coach Federation and are aligned with their Core competencies and Code of Ethics.

Many educational organisations are realizing that the old ways of teaching and learning are not working. The days of the teacher standing in front of the board and "lecturing" are becoming fewer and fewer. Instead our training methodology is one where the learning materials and core curriculum modules are available BEFORE class with the benefit being that as a student you can then use the actual class time to deepen your knowledge and overcome challenges.


Dial into a live class, with real students and faculty, to find out what it's really like to train with ICA.

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