Live Panel Discussion: Wednesday, 16th March @ 8pm NY ET

Untangling Coach Certification for New Coaches

Robyn Logan

Clients want to know they are not just employing someone calling themselves a coach, but are in fact employing someone who has been through a rigorous coach training and accreditation process.

Robyn Logan CEO and Founder

Join This Coaching Panel Discussion to Learn More About Coach Certification and What it Means for You

Live Coaching PanelWednesday, 16th March @ 8pm New York ET

Hosted by ICA's CEO, Robyn Logan, this panel discussion will help you untangle the jargon and process around Coach Certification and Credentialing. Our panelists will share the certification decision making process they used when entering the coaching arena as well as answer the most common questions around Certification such as:

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Untangling Coach Certification - for New Coaches

Wed, 16th March @ 8pm New York Time

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Your Panel For This Live Event

Panel Host

Robyn Logan
CEO and Founder

Robyn Logan is CEO of International Coach Academy and knows first hand the stringent requirements needed to get coach training programs accredited by the ICF.

Guest Panelist

Kathy Munoz,
Coach Supervisor

Kathy is a Leadership Coach and Supervised Coach Examiner. She knows all about the ICF Credentialing requirements.

Guest Panelist

Kelly Smales,
Life Coach

Kelly is a graduate of International Coach Academy and has recently obtained her ACC. She has been supporting ICA students for a number of years to unscramble the requirements of certification.

Guest Panelist

Aleka Thorvalson
Life Strategies Coach

Aleka Thorvalson is graduate of ICA a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). She is a Professionally Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a certified professional hypnotist.

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