Coaching Applications

Life, Business, Leadership, Health and Wellness....the List is Endless...

Who Will I Coach?

As a Coach you get to live one of the most amazing and fulfilling lifestyles on the planet. You can choose your clients, choose your hours and stay learning and growing for the rest of your life. All while making a positive impact on people's lives and the planet we live in.

The Difference Between Coaching and Other Disciplines

Consulting, mentoring and counselling are very different approaches to problem solving, goal setting and creating change than coaching.  But, they do blend well with coaching (and it's also important to know when to refer).

Become a Professional Coach

Many coaches choose to set up their own coaching practice or team up with other coaches to form a coaching network.  They build their own business, set their own hours and choose their own clients based on their coaching niche.  Coaching can take place face to face, over the phone, one on one or in groups. Most importantly coaching can be done from anywhere and is an ideal job for people with family commitments or people moving around regularly.

As a professional coach you can coach anyone but often you will coach people going through life change or people who want help achieving a particular goal.

  • People looking for work life balance
  • People looking for meaning in their life
  • People who want help with their business
  • People wanting to change career
  • People who want to lose weight
  • Teenagers, students & parents
  • People laid off or retiring
  • People dealing with grief


Career Coach, AUSTRALIA

testimonial-avatarNow that I have graduated I plan to:

"Use more of my coaching skills to support internal employees with the establishing of goals aligning with corporate strategy and vision, as well as fostering the development of positive personal career paths."

Explore the Different Applications of Coaching

In this podcast we explore the different applications of coaching and answer important questions such as 'Do I need a Niche', 'What Certification is important' et

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Become a Corporate Coach

Some coaches choose to become corporate coaches, working within organisations.  They can be  directly employed by the company as an internal coach or they can be contracted in to help coach individuals in the company by a coach broker. Internal coaches often come from a training, HR or senior management background.  Corporate coaches will often have specific experience within large organisations which benefit their clients.

As a corporate coach you will either be coaching people through change, coaching people around performance improvement or coaching around work life balance issues. You will coach:

  • Managers who need help with a particular issue
  • Employees experiencing corporate change
  • Teams that need to perform together
  • Employees seeking promotion
  • Sales teams


Life & Executive Coach, UAE

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"When I realizing that coaching skills are not only applicable in coach-client sessions but also in my daily life and my own personal development!"

Become a Blended Coach

There is a growing trend towards blended coaching where the person blends coaching with their existing profession or skill set. For example a financial planner may use coaching with their client to get to their real goals before giving financial advice, a massage therapist may use coaching along with massage to treat the whole person.  The key to blended coaching is to ensure your client know when you are coaching and when you are not.

As a blended coach you will coach your existing clients and people seeking your expertise in a particular area.

  • Trainers train & coach trainees
  • Consultant consult & coach clients
  • Teachers teach & coach students
  • Nurse treat & coach patients
  • Financial planners coach & advise
  • Yoga masters coach & teach yoga
  • Nutritionist coach & advise on nutrition
  • Career advisors coach & advise on career options


Leadership Coach, JAPAN

testimonial-avatarNow that I have graduated I plan to:

"I will use my coaching skills to support managers and leaders who decided to strengthen their leadership and intercultural competencies."

Showcasing Graduates of 2017

In this yearbook, 127 graduates from 30 different countries share how they plan to use coaching…

When a student graduates from an ICA Coach Training Program they graduate as a unique and powerful coach with peer connections and lifelong friendships that span the world.  Each has their own coaching model, niche or coaching application and will use this to create positive change in themselves or others