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Target a Specific Market

At International Coach Academy we teach you how to coach. You can coach anyone on anything however because in some countries coaching is relatively new, we recommend for marketing purposes choosing a specific target market. Defining your ideal client does not mean that is the only type of person you coach but it does give you as a coach a starting point to focus your marketing activities.

Who can I coach?

As adult coaching students, you come to coaching will past experience and knowledge and we recommend using that experience to define your niche. For example if you have worked in organisation and with executives, your past experience and skills will help you to understand the challenges faced by executives. It would be wiser to start coaching with executives rather than coaching people wanting spiritual awareness for example. If you are a former nurse, you are uniquely positioned to coach nurses or you could coach people with conic illness. All we are saying by selecting a target market that takes into account your existing network and past experience, its going to be easier for you initially to get coaching clients.

Can I change who I coach?

At International Coach Academy we teach you the skills of coaching so you can coach anyone however focusing on a particular target market will help you develop your practice initially.  As you start coaching you will attract particular types of clients and you can refine or change your coaching niche along the way as your business grows and changes.

We also find that many of our coaches are international travellers and as they move countries different opportunities present themselves and so the target market can also change.

Do I need to coach face to face?

At International Coach Academy we will teach you how to coach online & via skype which means you can coach people from anywhere around the world. It also means that your coaching business is portable and is a great career for an expat or someone with other life commitments. For example if you have family commitments you can coach early in the morning or at night.

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Tobias Demker <br/>Leadership coach, CHINA

Coaching is part of my job as a consultant, facilitator, and trainer. Coaching not only enhances my skills as a facilitator, trainer, and consultant, but also in all is useful for all aspects of life outside work. Coaching is also an essential skill for all leaders, so it comes naturally to me to work with coaching in leadership development.

Tobias Demker
Leadership coach, CHINA






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