Core Program Modules

In this course we cover the fundamental aspects of being a coach. You will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc.

Learning Leadership

  • Module 1

    What is a Learning Leader?

    Twenty years ago, no one had heard of life, business, or corporate coaching. Today it is featured in The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, Oprah and CNN. But still, most of the world has not heard of it. Learn More.

  • Module 2

    How People Learn

    Coaching is a powerful conversation to enable change. Coaching Models support the client, the coach and the coaching process to create this change with awareness. Learn More.

  • Module 3

    The Learning Space

    We look at what actually needs to be in place to create an exceptional Learning Space. This includes investigating you you need to be and who your students need to be.

  • Module 4

    Leading the Learner

    Coaching is an exciting and challenging profession. It is a great honor and privilege to be invited into the life of a client, to be a party to their success. Learn More.

Group Coaching and Facilitation

  • Module 5

    The Power of the Group

    The 21st century is often referred to as “the information age”, an era where technology and globalisation have led to people having access to huge amounts of information at precisely the time that they need it. Learn More.

  • Module 6

    Types of Learning Groups

    The ability to discern right from wrong is the practice of ethics. Every individual has moral duties and obligations, which allow them to live in a constructive way with others.  Learn More.

  • Module 7

    Group Coaching

    Coaching is a relatively new field with roots in a range of different traditions. These include psychology, management theory, adult learning theory, philosophy, spirituality and social theory. Learn More.

  • Module 8

    Workshops and Seminars

    n this module we look at how to deliver your unique coaching model or concept via workshops, teleseminars or short courses. The focus is on the delivery of leadership & coaching in different contexts

Program and Group Design

  • Module 9

    Good Learning Design

    We have all experienced bad courses! In this module we look at the key elements of good learning programs. How do you make sure that your group will actually get results for your clients/students?

    What you will learn

    • Key philosophies, theories and movements that have influenced coaching
    • An introduction to coaching models
    • The key features of the ICA Coaching Model
    • The core coaching skills required to conduct a coaching session
    • How to structure your personal learning program and get the most out of your ICA training.
    • The definition and role of the ICF competencies
    • Legal or ethical issues you may encounter and strategies for risk reduction

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