100% of ICA Coaches Graduate with a Niche

At ICA, every coach is unique

As more and more people become acquainted with the power of coaching, it is being used in more diverse situations and environments.

In this podcast series, we showcase how coaching is cultural, contextual and integrated. We explore what motivated our coaches to pursue coaching as a career, and look at how coaching has impacted their lives.

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Series Four: Episode 1 to 8

Coaching was a Better Fit than Counseling For This HR Consultant

Episode #1: Dreaming is living, with the life to prove it

ICA Coach, Kiran Ramnane
(Executive Coach, CANADA)

A typical day in the life of Kiran Ramnane is on a plane, travelling the world in her position with McKinsey & Company. Kiran manages a global team with a coach approach and enjoys the diverse nature of her team and clients. Continue

Dreaming is Living, says this ICA Coach (and she has the life to prove it)

Episode #2: Dreaming is living, with the life to prove it

ICA Coach, Nadia Themis,
(Business Coach, CYPRUS)

ICA coach Nadia Themis made her way through the corporate world of finance and business development where she enjoyed great success Continue…

Day in the Life of Coach Dana Zurbuchen

Episode #3: Blending the past with the present

ICA Coach, Dana Zurbuchen
(Leadership Coach,UNITED STATES)

Marketing Guru Proves the Past Can Equal the Future. Madison, Wisconsin Coach Dana Zurbuchen, ACC, Leverages Background in Marketing to Successfully Coach Others Continue…

Meet ICA Coach, Mindy J Kaleta (UNITED STATES)

Episode #4: Living life with design and intent

ICA Coach, Mindy Kaleta

When ICA graduate Mindy Kaleta sees a woman who is mindlessly moving through life unaware of her true potential, she can related.  Because, Mindy was once that woman - until she experienced the power of coaching  Continue

Meet ICA Coach, Sarah Creek (CANADA)

Episode #5: Interior design is often about what's on the inside

ICA Coach, Sarah Creek
(Simplicity Coach, CANADA)

My pivotal point was in the fall of 2015 when I lost both my father and father in law within a week. I was put on medical leave so I had lots of time to heal and to think of the kind of work and legacy that I wanted for myself and those around me. Continue

Day in the Life of Lisa Wellington

Episode #6: Blending coaching is a 'no brainer'

ICA Coach, Lisa Wellington
(Blended Coach, Australia)

Lisa combines her coaching with leading edge research from fields such as neuroscience, accelerated learning, human motivation, neurolinguistic programming and peak performance to assistance people to move beyond their ‘best’ performance. Continue

Day in the Life of Cate Baio

Episode #7: Cate knew her career would empower others

ICA Coach, Cate Baio,
Transformational Coach, Canada)

With courage and faith as her guides, Cate left her job and followed her heart. Today, she is helping others to do the same – to listen to their inner voice and allow it to guide them toward their true path. Continue

Kickstart your Kickass Life With Tracey Tischler

Episode #8: Kickstart a Kickass life

ICA Coach, Tracey Tischler,
Health and Wellness Coach, United States

Tracey has worked as a model, TV anchor, news reporter,  paralegal,  professional makeup artist, and licensed esthetician.  And the path has not always been a smooth one for this divorced, single mom. Continue

Series Three: Episode 1 to 8

Interview with ICA Coach, Misti Patrella

Episode #1: From Thespian to Coach

ICA Coach, Misti Patrella

ICA Coach Misti Patrella blends coaching and acting experience to provide business and life coaching for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Both acting and coaching require focus, listening, mindfulness, and non-judgment. Continue

Interview with ICA Coach, Samar Naim

Episode #2: Samir always tells her clients to be 'Selfish'

ICA Coach, Samar Naim,
(Life & Executive Coach, UAE)

Samar Naim works in organization and people development for a government organization in Dubai. She tells her clients to be 'Selfish'. Continue

Interview with ICA Coach, Sumbo Ndi

Episode #3: Take action or nothing happens

ICA Coach, Sumbo Ndi
(Empowerment Coach, AUSTRALIA)

As a young girl, Sumbo believed that if you put your whole heart into something, believed you could achieve it, and if you were willing to take laser focus action, then you could attain your goals.  Continue

Interview with ICA Coach, Tom Seaman

Episode #4: Turning physical adversity into healthy action

ICA Coach, Tom Seaman
(Health & Wellness Coach, US)

Having overcome significant health challenges, ICA Coach Tom Seaman’s journey is nothing short of inspirational, demonstrating how we can rise from the depths of despair to a life full of hope, triumph, and joy. Continue

Day in the Life of Coach Valerie Lim

Episode #5: A practical decision became a passion

ICA Coach, Valerie Lim,
(Executive Coach, Asia)

Valerie Lim was pushed into coaching, sort of. As a partner at Innovative Formula, a training and coaching firm with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, clients continually asked her to coach them. Certification was the next ‘practical’ thing to do Continue

Interview with ICA Coach, Sorina Cucuta – Popa

Episode #6: Creating impact without influence

ICA Coach, Sorina Cucuta - Popa
(Executive Coach, ROMANIA)

Founder and managing partner of New Link Consulting Group, a Bucharest-based consulting company, Sorina integrates her many years of human resources and project management experience with her knowledge of numerous industries. Continue

Interview with ICA Coach, Nesrin Everett

Episode #7: From Commodities Recruiter to Coaching

ICA Coach, Nesrin Everett,
(Executive Coach, GENEVA)

As a recruiter for the commodities industry, ICA Coach Nesrin Everett decided it was now or never when the market took a downturn. Nesrin chose to indulge her curiosity about people, their stories, what drives them, and train as a coach. Continue

Interview with ICA Coach, Debra Graham

Episode #8: From NYC fashion frontliner to ADHD coach

ICA Coach, Debra Graham

Debra Graham went from the NYC fashion frontlines to coaching and took her well-honed organizational skills with her. Continue

Series Two: Episode 1 to 8

Sunita Chhibar is an Executive and Life Coach

Episode #1: The Founder of ICA's first ICF Chapter in India

Sunita Chhibar
(Executive & Life Coach, INDIA)

Sunita Chhibar has blended over 20 years of human resources management and marketing, with coaching. She works with executives, helping them overcome the hurdles and forge ahead with confidence and commitment. Sunita coaches global leaders, senior management executives, sales managers, supervisors, technical staff as well as new recruits. Continue

Interview with Aleka Thorvason

Episode #2: Habits, choices and issues lead to True Purpose

Aleka Thorvason
Holistic Coach, UNITED STATES

Aleka is fascinated and inspired by the honesty, courage, vulnerability and the wisdom of others. The experience gained in her own journey for answers, combined with her experience as a counselor, Aleka’s holistic coaching niche invites her clients to recognize, embrace and balance all parts of themselves to find lasting change. Continue

Lorna Poole of Red Cardinal Coaching

Episode #3: Coaching is the best path to “ah ah moments”

Lorna Poole
(Health & Business Coach, CANADA)

Born asking questions and seeking to help people better understand their lives, Lorna Poole is what you might call a natural coach. Helping people better themselves, is the reason Lorna went into nursing 30 years ago and how she found her way to professional coaching as a health and business coach. Continue

Interview with Karen Atwell – Executive Coach United States

Episode #4: Redundancy isn't the end, it's the beginning

Karen Atwell
(Executive Coach, UNITED STATES)

Karen Atwell works with Wall Street companies integrating coaching into executive leadership and professional development programs. After experiencing the power of coaching colleagues while working in the world of corporate financial services, Karen Atwell enjoyed it so much she decided to become a certified coach  Continue

Interview with Trine Jensen – Business Coach United States

Episode #5: Blending coaching with Reiki, Shiatsu and Pilates.

Trine Camilla Jensen
(Entrepreneurial Coach, UNITED STATES)

Entrepreneurial Coach Trine Camilla Jensen, ACC, leverages her eclectic background in the healing arts, business ownership, acting and directing to help clients create authentic lives and successful businesses.  Continue…

Interview with Jefri Franks – Grief Coach United States

Episode #6: Being guided by the higher entitiy

ICA Coach, Jefri Franks
(Grief Coach, UNITED STATES)

Listen in as Jefri shares with you what her days (and nights) are like now that she’s coaching, speaking, and writing – making a great life as a coach. Continue

Interview with Rebecca Macfarlane – Business Coach

Episode #7: Could vs Should will shift your perspective

Rebecca Macfarlane
(Business Coach, UNITED STATES)

She’s brimming with energy and enthusiasm. That’s a Day in the life of Coach Rebecca Macfarlane. It’s all about people power for Rebecca and helping social entrepreneurs and heart-based business owners do good in the world. Continue…


Interview with Anthony Hadeed – Life and Career Coach Canada

Episode #8: A clean break from IT to Coaching

Anthony Hadeed
(Career Coach, CANADA)

Anthony talks about circling back to fulfill his childhood dream of helping people, and the importance of including your passions in your everyday life Continue…

Series One: Episode 1 to 5

Interview with Katia Tripod – Career Coach Sweden

Episode #1

Katia Tripod
(Career Coach, SWEDEN)

Katia spoke to Merci about her book “Breaking the Glass Ceiling without a Hammer” which is about emotional intelligence at work Continue…

Interview with Ligia Houben – Grief Coach United States

Episode #2: Transforming loss to transform our lives

Ligia Houben
(Grief Coach, UNITED STATES)

Ligia Houben is one of a growing number of Grief Coaches helping people deal with their grief in a positive and empowering way. She came to Grief Coaching through Grief Counseling and through her own grief work as a result of the passing of her father when she was 12 years old.  Continue…

Interview with Erich Jordan – Life, Spiritual & Business Coach

Episode #3: Adding coaching to ministry, business and sailing.

ICA Coach, Erich Jordan
(Business Coach, SOUTH AFRICA)

Merci Miglino talks with Erich about his unique ICA coaching tools, Faith vs Fear and his Dream Casting coaching model drawn Continue…

Interview with Joelle Lydon – Life Coach United States

Episode #4: Thinking mind, feeling body

ICA Coach, Joelle Lydon

This month we hear from Joelle Lydon who coaches the bold woman who wants to stop being such a chicken-sh*t (her words not ours) Continue…