Become an ICA Certified Learning Leader

For Coaches wanting to be leaders in the delivery of online learning

This ACSTH training is for coaches who want to take their career a step further and become an ICA Certified Learning Leader.  You will learn the skills needed to facilitate group coaching or deliver online training or workshops.  This includes guidance on how to create your own signature offering and connect it with your learners. This course is a requirement for any trainer delivering ICA training or content.

Program Hours: 24 CCEU's (Continuing Coach Education Units)
Learnsite Access: 6 months
Certificate: ICA Learning Leader

Program Summary

New to Learning Leader in 2016

The delivery model for this certified training will be similar to that of ICA's Observed Coaching in that each course will be limited to just six (6) coaches.  Your You will get to know your facilitator and peers

Graduate Yearbook (June 2014 Edition)

In this Learning Leader Course you will get to plan, structure and develop a workshop, product or program in your niche or speciality.  You will have a chance to 'market test' your ideas in weekly Learning Labs.

As you will see from the Yearbook, the programs and courses of our recent graduates are diverse and varied.

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