Accredited Coach Training (Greece)

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Internationally Accredited Training (ACTP)

Coaching is more than a set of tools and techniques, it is a highly refined combination of advanced knowledge, technical skill, intuition, and “knowing”. A good coach is able to draw on their own experience and must be able to ‘walk the talk’. For this reason we structure our program so that students first apply a new skill or technical to themselves, then practice on peer coaching clients and finally apply to real coaching situations. By experiencing the coaching techniques first hand students have a deeper understanding of how to apply them to their clients.

At ICA the term all inclusive means - no hidden costs, no unexpected certification hurdles,  and full access to our coaching community. A diverse and connected community of coaches who will warmly welcome you to our community.

  • Coaching Theory, Tools and Knowledge
  • Mentor Coaching, Observed Coaching, Peer Coaching
  • Coach Portfolio Development
  • Evaluation and Assessment (including Performance Evaluation)
  • Direct Pathways to ACC or PCC credentials
  • Bilingual Study Options (over 78% of our coaches speak a language other than English)
  • ICA has been training coaches globally since 2001.  Our students come from many difference cultures and speak multiple languages. The Greek bilingual program is a flexible study option people who want a training option with both local and International connections and networks.
    Katerina Kanelidou, PCC Training Director (Greece Campus)

Become a Certified Coach with a Speciality

We highly recommend you spend time working out what sort of coach you will be, who your clients will be and how you will connect with them.  As part of ICA's Coach Training we support you with all these things.  Some students begin their studies and develop this along the way, while others already have an idea that they they further develop during their training.  By the time each student graduates they are 'coach ready' with their own coaching model, niche and power tool.  Need help finding a speciality?  Take our quick quiz


Set up your own coaching practice and choose the hours you work, who you coach, and your coaching niche. You can coach face to face, over the phone, one on one or in groups and most importantly, you can coach from anywhere in the world.


Become a corporate coach and work within organisations.  You can be  directly employed by the company as an internal coach or you can be contracted in to help coach individuals in the company by a coach broker.


There is a growing trend towards blended coaching where you blend coaching with your existing profession or skill set. For example a financial planner may use coaching with their client to get to their real goals before giving financial advice.

The Highest Certification Possible

Our localised Greek program offers learners a proven methodology for creating positive change.  Classes are delivered LIVE using zoom, with over 30 classes a week to choose from.

ICA is a Bilingual Coach Academy where over 78% of our students and Graduates speak languages other than English.  Students joining the Greek / English Bilingual program will complete their core curriculum in English, and peer Coaching, coaching labs, and forum reflections, and portfolio development in Greek.

  • Download Syllabus

    Download the syllabus for our Bilingual Greek / English Coach Training Programs. These include ACSTH and ACTP study options.

    ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program)
    This training is an “all inclusive” training option.  This training includes core curriculum,  Mentor Coaching, Observed Coaching, Niche Development labs and peer coaching.  Students who graduate from an ACTP can apply via the ACTP track for ACC or PCC credentials.

    ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training)
    This curriculum has been accredited by the International Coaching Federation and is aligned with the core competencies of coaching.  At ICA our Workplace Coach, Essential and Vocational programs have been packed so that they directly suits the needs of those who want to become a coach or add coaching to their existing career, with the option to apply for the credential of ACC via the direct ACSTH track.


    Download the syllabus

Why ICA?

Coach Training Schools are like Coaching Services in that they will all offer a degree of 'sameness', but then be different in their quality of service or product, and personality. And, you can't measure quality by price - the cheapest might not be the best, and equally the most expensive program might not be the best. The best program is the one that suits your coaching goals, your learning style, your budget and the time you have available for study. From talking to our community, we've been able to pick out 6 factors that make ICA unique and the reasons why our students chose ICA for their coach training.

ICF Accredited since 2001 (ACTP) +

International Coach Academy's training has held ACTP, ACSTH and CCE accreditation since 2001. We have been a global school since day one and made the decision to accredit with the ICF over alternatives such as IAC, WABC etc because the International Coach Federation (ICF) were, and continue to be the most established peak body in coaching worldwide.

Our Programs pathway to ICF Credentials +

Our vocational and Certified program's offer DIRECT pathways to an ACC or PCC credential.  This means that they include

- Core Competency

- Mentor Coaching

- Observed Coaching

- Peer Coaching

Flexible Study Options (Fast Track or Take Your Time) +

At International Coach Academy we aim to make our coach training as flexible as possible. You can study to become a coach whilst you are working or at home looking after your family.  You choose when you learn. Most of us are leading very busy lives, some have families some have full time jobs. Whatever your commitments are, the great thing about our classes is that you can always find a way to fit them into your schedule. And if you miss a class it doesn’t matter, just pick it up the week after.

You Graduate with your own unique Coaching Model +

The coaching market is saturated with cookie cutter coaches - all learning the same old models (GROW model etc.) and then coaching with the same old processes. At ICA we help you to create a coaching model that is unique to you, to the clients you want to coach, and to the coaching products or services you will offer.

We Truly Care About Your Success +

Community Support is core to the way we do business. We truly care about our students and support you from the day you enrol right through to your graduation. We appreciate that joining a coach training program is an investment of your time and money, and one you may have considered for a long time.  So, our team of support staff are dedicated to making sure you maximise your return on investment by creating a trouble free, rich and fulfilling learning experience.

International and Local Networks +

Because our training is virtual, you get to build relationships and friendships with like minded coaches from all around the world.  Your not limited by physical location. Our coaching community is rich with diversity, with over 4500 coaches, from 90 different countries. There's a strong sense of camaraderie, with many of our graduates continuing their connections long after they complete their coach training.

A Coaching Power Tool for Reframing a Perspective (FlipIt.)

A Coaching Power Tool for Reframing a Perspective (FlipIt.)

What Sort of Coach Will You Be?

The opportunities for coaching are expanding all the time. Gone are the days of choosing between being a Life Coach or an Executive Coach. Now you can work for yourself or with a group of coaches, or you can be part of a team of Internal Coaches in a company or organisation.