ICF Accredited Coach Training - Greece

A bilingual ACTP delivered via a combination of e-learning and in person training.  

Become a Professionally Certified Coach (CPC)

Coaching is more than a set of tools and techniques, it is a highly refined combination of advanced knowledge, technical skill, intuition, and “knowing”. A good coach is able to draw on their own experience and must be able to ‘walk the talk’. For this reason we structure our program so that students first apply a new skill or technical to themselves, then practice on peer coaching clients and finally apply to real coaching situations. By experiencing the coaching techniques first hand students have a deeper understanding of how to apply them to their clients.

We assume that everyone who comes to coaching has a wealth of experience, knowledge or interst, that touches on coaching.  Our job is to provide you with a curriculum that is challenging and engaging and then to help you figure out the questions you need to answer and the learning you need to develop as a coach.

At ICA the term all inclusive means - no hidden costs, no unexpected certification hurdles,  and full access to our coaching community. A diverse and connected community of coaches who will warmly welcome you to our community.

  • Coaching Theory, Tools and Knowledge
  • Coaching Practicum (Mentor Coaching, Observed Coaching, Peer Coaching)
  • Coach Portfolio Development so that you will be Business and Coach Ready
  • Evaluation and Assessment (including Performance Evaluation)
  • A Choice of ACSTH or ACTP training (in Greek and English)
  • Direct Pathways to ACC or PCC credentials
  • Download the syllabus for our Bilingual Greek / English Coach Training Programs.  These include ACSTH and ACTP study options

Doing is critical to the learning process

Our training allows for constant interaction between theory and practice and ample time for reflection. We deliberately structure our classes in a consistent “drip” (ongoing classes, daily, weekly, monthly) instead of a ‘fire-hose’ event (intensive all day, multiple day workshops)

Coaching and being coached are critical to the learning process. Our Peer Coaching Program means you get a coach the minute you enroll. You immediately begin learning and experiencing the role of the “client”. For the peer coach, peer coaching allows the student to build their coaching confidence and implement the skills and tools learned throughout the program.

Use our Learning and Development plan to prepare and reflect on who you will be as a coach, and how you will get there. This is the first course requirement for all students in our ACSTH and ACTP training.

The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Coach are Real and Tangible

Robyn Logan (CEO and Founder)

We’ve been accredited with the ICF since 2001 as ACTPand chose to align with the ICF over country specific bodies because Coaching is a global profession and the ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognized peak body.

Clients want to know they are not just employing someone calling themselves a coach, but that they are in fact employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.  I have personally written a certification whitepaper to help unravel some of the terminology, pathways and certification options for coaches.

Robyn Logan (CEO and Founder) International Coach Academy

By adding coaching to your portfolio, you are introducing a proven methodology for creating positive change.  Your coaching expertise will help you, and those around you, to reach peak performance, maximise potential, and develop both personally and professionally.

  • Create a new revenue stream or business
  • Set Goals and Increase Accountability
  • Get more done with increased team cohesiveness and productivity
  • Lower staff turnover with improved job satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Share the load as you equip your teams or colleagues to take on higher levels of responsibility
  • Improve productivity through increased motivation and desire to achieve
  • Gain a new respect from your team or peers as you showcase your coach approach

Structured, Flexible and Self Paced Learning

Take Your First Class for FREE

Each month we open up a lab so that those considering coaching as a career can get started with some free coach skills. It's also a great opportunity to get to know us better as a school by meeting our faculty and students.


ICF Credential Pathways

Not all coaches need or want an ICF Credential,  but we would highly recommend that all coaches become certified.  So, what is the difference?

Upon completion of your studies with ICA you will receive a Certification. In the case of coach training, certification is a globally recognized statement of attainment that indicates you have been assessed by an Accredited Coach Training Provider as having the industry recognized skills and expertise required to practice as a coach.

This option is for those who want to take their coaching to the next level.  An credential designates a recognized level of expertise in coaching, as assessed by an industry peak body.  ICA's Training leads to the ICF industry credentials of ACC, PCC or MCC.

View ACC Credential Pathways or PCC Credential Pathways

No Single Theory.  No Single Model

- Merci Miglino (PCC)

At ICA we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach.  Instead, we teach an Integrated Coaching Model, which will be unique to you, and showcase who you will be as a coach

- Merci Miglino (PCC)

A coaching model used to coach yoga students in San Francisco is quite different to the coaching model needed to coach Corporate Clients in Greece

One of the unique things about our program is that we teach our students to create their own coaching model.  So, we ask them to answer the question - how would you like to coach?  By doing this, our coaches graduate with their own coaching uniqueness and their model speaks to future clients about who they are as a coach and who they will coach.

Each coach at ICA creates their own coaching portfolio. This includes a coaching power tool, research paper and unique coaching model. Each coach also graduates with their own coaching niche, with specialisties including Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Transformational Coaching,  Systemic Relationship Coaching, Success Coaching, Coaching for Coaches and Life Coaching, and more.

ICACoach  Panagiota Aleksiou Power Tool
(Cross-Cultural Coaching, GREECE)

At first these two words are standing in front of us as to be with the same meaning. But the truth is that they are totally irrelevant the one another. Read more»

ICACoach Panagiotis Ntouskas Power Tool
(Business Excellence & Personal Growth Coaching, GREECE)

Life is a journey in every sense and on every level…  we go from childhood to old age… from ignorance to enlightment… from not knowing to suspecting… from suspecting to knowing. Read more»

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