Add Group Coaching To Your Certification

Option for ICA Vocational, Certified or Advanced Graduates

Become a Certified Group Coach

The FlipIt Group Coaching Program is designed for coaches who want to add group coaching to their services. You will learn the latest theories on change and change management and then practice in a group coaching setting using the FlipIt Coaching Framework. At the end of the course you will be able to confidently run a group coaching workshop using the FlipIt™ Coaching Framework.

We teach you how to run a 2 hr FlipIt workshop with a group size of 12 - 20 clients using Zoom. However FlipIt can be used with individuals or larger groups and is suited to both online and face to face delivery.

Hours: 25 Hours
Learnsite Access: 12 months
Certification: Certified Group Coach
Business: 12 months FlipIt Facilitator License
ICF: 20 Core Competency CCE's to renew ACC or PCC credential
Pre Requisite: Must be an ICA graduate with at least 60 hours ACSTH or ACTP Coach Certification

Clients can pick any issue and literally "flip" it on its head. The transformation is immediate and the outcome you facilitated as a coach is long lasting.

  • Add group coaching to your qualifications
  • Create transformational coaching experiences for your clients
  • Learn a proven group coaching business model to increase your coaching income
  • Get a ready-made curriculum and workshop presentation complete with worksheets, power point slides, check lists and evaluation processes

Certified Group Coaching

LEARNING AREA: ICA Power Tools (9hrs)

Learn the art of Re-framing a Perspective using the ICA Coaching Power Tools - a  set of concepts based on dualitie.  At any given time our perspective on a given situation or event is a choice. It may not be a conscious choice, but nonetheless it is a choice.

LEARNING AREA: Change Management (3 hrs)

Learn about the different approaches to change management, including values based change and coaching skills for change.

LEARNING AREA: Group Coaching (4 hrs)

Learn the fundamentals of Group Coaching, how to create a group coaching agreement and how to manage group or team dynamics.

LEARNING AREA: Workshop Facilitation Skills (3 hrs)

This is where you will learn how to facilitate the FlipIt Coaching Framework within a group setting, including how to manage expectations and steer successful outcomes for your clients.

PRACTICE AREA: Group Coaching Labs and Demonstration Labs (9 hrs)

Observe live FlipIt Workshops run by ICA Faculty Coaches and then facilitate your own FlipIt process in group coaching sessions, and get individual feedback

A opportunity to showcase your group coaching skills, signature offer, and customised FlipIt presentation.

Create Your Signature Offer

With our support and guidance, you will create your own signature offer and coach starter pack so that you are 'client ready' by the time you graduate.

12 months FlipIt Facilitator License

FlipIt is a proven 4 step coaching framework that can be used with your clients to reset a perspective and adopt a fresh way of 'seeing' the world. It is a way to move from where they are now to where they want to be; to transition from a current state to a desired future state.

Included in your program tuition is a 12 months FlipIt Facilitator License.  This includes ongoing access to Leader Labs, a personalised FlipIt presentation guide (with participant worksheets) and access to the online FlipIt game.  Read More

Upgrade or Add - and save up to 25% (ends June 20th)

Students in the ICA Certified Coach Program can add Group Coaching to their portfolio by either upgrading to the Advanced Program or adding Certified Group Coaching Program to their existing studies.

Note: As of the 25th June, upgrading from Certified to Advanced will no longer be unavailable. 

Included! FlipIt Facilitator License

Both the options above INCLUDE a FlipIt Facilitator License.  This includes access to the online FlipIt toolkit, presenter slides and ongoing labs for 12 months.

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