FlipIt™ Facilitator License

Only available via
ICA's Advanced Program or Certified Group Coaching Program

FlipIt is a proven 4 step coaching framework that can be used with your clients to reset a perspective and adopt a fresh way of 'seeing' the world. It is a way to move from where they are now to where they want to be; to transition from a current state to a desired future state.

In our Certified Group Coaching Program we will teach you how to run a 2 hr FlipIt workshop with a group size of 12 - 20 clients using Zoom.  This is available as a 36 hr CCE (with FlipIt Facilitator License) or in our Advanced 152 hr ACTP (with FlipIt Facilitator License)

Your FlipIt Facilitator License Includes the Following...

FlipIt Promotional Video

The FlipIt promotional video can be used on your website to promote your workshops. It is also a great resource to open a face to face workshop or retreat. Benefit from this professionally made video, and have it associated with your personal brand.

Customised FlipIt Power Point Presentation

The FlipIt Powerpoint slide deck was designed by expert learning designers. It provides structure and flow for a FlipIt workshop and can be used in both a face to face and online learning environment. We help you customize the presentation (and slides) for your clients

Set of 8 ICA Power Tools Cards

The ICA Power Tools are a series of distinctions, disempowering vs empowering; negative vs positive. The Power Tools are a key resource in the FlipIt Workshop

Set of Powerful Images

This selected list of 40 photos can be used at various times throughout the FlipIT workshop. each image has been carefully chosen for its ability to invoke complex and often varied meanings.

Feelings and Values cards

At different points in the workshop coaches can use the Feelings or Values cards to help clients gain greater clarity about their issue or challenge.

Interactive Worksheet

the Interactive Worksheet is the glue that holds the FlipIt workshop together. Coaches can guide clients through the planned steps in the worksheet, and clients can take it away from the session and use it as an action plan.

Become a Certified Group Coach

with a FlipIt Facilitator License

We teach you how to run a 2 hr FlipIt workshop with a group size of 12 - 20 clients using Zoom. However FlipIt can be used with individuals or larger groups and is suited to both online and face to face delivery.

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