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Robyn Logan and Sally Bridger are based in Melbourne, Australia and have been leading ICA for over 20 years. The online delivery platform and fully flexible work culture they created back in 2001 was innovative and unique. Today it is living proof that online learning and coaching communities can be powerful and long lasting. ICA has trained thousands of coaches from over 120 countries, and the team are as strong and loyal as ever with over half of the current team serving with the company for more than 15 years.

Robyn Logan

CEO & Founder

- Strategic
- Ideation
- Connector
- Maximiser
- Activator

Sally Bridger

Sally Bridger, Director of Business

- Arranger
- Responsibility
- Discipline
- Relator
- Empathy

Our Global Faculty

ICA Trainers are all Certified Professional Coaches with years of experience across a range of coaching applications.  They are also experienced Trainers and Facilitators, dedicated to creating a safe and trusted learning space where students can openly share their thoughts, wins, challenges and questions.

Program Director

Rossella Pin, MCC
Program Director (Italian)
Venice, ITALY

Viya Chen International Coach Academy Coach

Viya Chen, PCC
Chief Strategy Officer

Sunita International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Sunita Chhibar, MCC
ACTP Assessor
Mumbai, INDIA

Katerina International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Katerina Kanelidou, MCC
Athens, GREECE

PoYee Poon Dorrian

PoYee Poon Dorrian, MCC
Columbus,Ohio, USA

Razan Z. Kilani International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Razan Z. Kilani, MCC

Coach Trainer Linda Deluca

Linda Deluca, PCC 

Jonathan Hermida International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Jonathan Hermida, PCC

Karen Holmes International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Karen Holmes, PCC

Lucy Romao Vandepol International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Lucy Romao Vandepol, PCC
Learning Manager
Ontario, CANADA

Rob Stringer (CPC)

Rob Stringer, PCC
Binbrook, ON, CANADA

Community and Support

Coach Training Schools are like Coaching Services in that they will all offer a degree of 'sameness', but then be different in their quality of service or product, and personality. ICA's community team create the systems and measures that maintain ICA's standards of excellence, and unique personality.

Susan Mc Cauley International Coach Academy Coach

Susan McCauley
Program Admissions

Julia Griffin, ACC
Program Admissions
London, UK

Julie Winchester
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Amanda Christo
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Susan Pocock
Assessment & Graduation
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Gerelyn Monungolh
Content Publishing

Patrick Sarmiento
IT System Administrator

Nona Lagarto
English Student Support

Which Coach Training Program?

Work out the best path, best certification, and best value program for you.

We are often asked 'Which program is best for me?' to become a coach. This is a totally understandable question because coach training is an investment of both time and money and it's important your decision is one that will fit your budget, learning style, plans for coaching and confidence

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