Advanced Mentor Coach Training

Become an exceptional Mentor Coach and learn how to create
optimal learning experiences for coaches.

Robyn Logan

Robyn was a pioneer in the coaching industry. She founded ICA in 2000 with little more than a grand idea and 2 staff members in her backyard shed. ICA was the first fully online coach training school and the first Australian based school to attain ICF accreditation. Fast forward 15 years, ICA is now delivering training to students in over 90 countries in the world and Robyn is still breaking ground in training and coaching methodologies.

Merci Miglino

Merci Miglino is a coach who talks the talk AND walks the walk. Merci came to coaching following a successful career in New York state politics. She has since transformed not only her own life but the lives of countless students and coaches around the world. Today Merci is the Training Director at ICA, overseeing the training and graduation of thousands of students. She is also at the forefront of Mentor Coaching both as a coach and a trainer.

Why You Need to Come to This Webinar

Who is it For?

  • New Coaches interested in Coach Training
  • Current Coaches interested in increasing their skill level and providing better result to their clients
  • ICA Coaches wanting to understand how Mentor Coaching fits into their coach training

You Will Learn

  • How we define "Mentor Coaching" and how it is different to straight mentoring, or even coaching
  • How we designed and developed our Mentor Coaching course to give students a unique and powerful experience
  • How to run a 10 minute Laser Coaching session
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