Coach Training Study Options

Self Paced Learning

At International Coach Academy we aim to make our coach training as flexible as possible. You can study to become a coach whilst you are working or at home looking after your family.

You choose when you learn. Most of us are leading very busy lives, some have families some have full time jobs. Whatever your commitments are, the great thing about our classes is that you can always find a way to fit them into your schedule. And if you miss a class it doesn’t matter, just pick it up the week after.


What is Self Paced Learning?

Self paced learning is where you are in charge of what you learn, at what pace and when. It’s not rocket science, but people tend to learn better when they choose when and what they learn. In our program you can select the topics that are of most interest and start there. You can choose a class time that fits in with your work and family life and choose which areas you dive into more deeply. So although you do have to cover all of the material to graduate, you can choose WHEN and HOW you engage with the concepts.

How fast can I graduate?

With the flexible training schedule you can graduate in as little as 6 months by taking multiple classes per week and logging your coaching hours.

How long can I take to graduate?

Each coach training program includes a certain number of months access. For example the certified coach training program allows you to take up to 18 month access which is generally plenty of time, however with all our programs if you need more time, you can extend your access to the program with an $85 per month membership until your graduate.

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Do classes need to be taken in a particular order?

The coach training programs are divided into courses and each course contains modules and teleclasses associated with the modules.  Courses and modules can be taken in any order. We recommend starting with Foundation Coach Course but with the flexible schedule you can start wherever you like.


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