Life as a Coach


Coaching in Organisations

As a Coach working in an organisation you will work with individuals or teams often to improve performance and help an organisation reach its goals. Although coaching is an unregulated industry, it is expected and most often required that you to have some sort of industry recognised qualification along with experience in a similar domain or industry in which you are coaching.

Working as an Internal Coach

Many large organisation such as Ford have internal coaches.  These are coaches employed directly by the organisation to coach individual staff members or team to increase productivity, wellbeing and to achieve organisational goals.  As an organisational coach you might coach a sales team or work with the HR department to coach individuals in particular areas such as:

  • how to manage a team
  • how to be a more effective communicator
  • how to deal with difficult customers
  • how to manage your time
  • how to deal with stress
  • how to balance life and work commitments
  • how to deal with change and transition.

Manager as Coach

The International Coach Federation (Global peak body for coaching) commissioned independent research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct this groundbreaking study of coaches worldwide in order to evaluate the magnitude of the coaching profession.

The approximate annual worldwide revenue produced by coaching is $1.5 billion (USD) Full- and part-time coaches earn an average of $50,510 (USD) per year. Full-time coaches earn an average of $82,671 (USD) per year, and part-time coaches earn an average of $26,150 (USD) per year.

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Can I Start Coaching Whilst Studying?

Yes you can start coaching whilst studying to become a Professional Coach. At International Coach Academy we offer peer coaching where you would firstly get to experience what it is like to be coached and be the client. You can then start coaching your peers and applying the skills and techniques learned in the classes.  When you feel confident enough you can start coaching people outside the ICA community. We suggest coaching clients within your network to start off with and work your way up.

Milind Apte<br/>Executive Vice President - Human Resources<br/>Mumbai India

As a member of the Senior Management Team, I am going to use my coaching skill for grooming young Leaders and Talented employees. This will help in making the Organisation Future Ready from a leadership perspective.

Milind Apte
Executive Vice President - Human Resources
Mumbai India

Do I Have to Register With Anyone To Practice Coaching?

The coaching industry is a voluntary self regulated industry.  Coaches should adhere to the the The International Coach Federation code of ethics but there is no legal requirement to do so and no legal requirement to register as a coach.  You can become a member of the ICF by paying an annual fee and once you have met the coach training, supervision and coaching hours set out by the ICF, you can apply for the designation of "Certified Professional Coach".


Do I need to be Certified?

You don't have to be certified to be a coach however being a Certified Coach adds credibility to your coaching practice.  Many organisations such as Ford don't hire coaches unless they are certified and in many countries especially in Asia it is expected that professional coaches be certified.

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