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Transformational Coach, CANADA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"During a laser coaching session, I had the confirmation that I am on the right career path and that in fact I will be good at what I do. On the flip side, it released in me a whole bunch of fear! I had to dig deep in order to embrace and acknowledge the coach that I am today"



testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"When working with my peer coach I realized that if I could choose to let go of my limiting beliefs then I could accomplish anything. I was at that moment I realized that coaching really works"

Alejandro Fernandez

Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Help others to use their dark-side to live a more awakened life."

Ingrid Kuehtz

Leadership Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"When I identified the theme of my research paper: Business Change Management and Individual Change Management. This encouraged me finally to now start to build my coaching profession."



testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"When I got to meet in person two of my ICA student and friends - one from Germany, and one from Vancouver, We met up in Washington state for a weekend and had the best time ever! The friends I have met in ICA are worth their weight in gold."


Executive Coach, CANADA

My memorable moment;

"The Advanced ICA syllabus holds the topics I always wanted to grow and evolve in, in a more profound and structured way. I love the ICA open approach to be able to develop as a coach in my own unique authentic way."

Ann Parnes


testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Supervised coaching was by far my favorite. It proved to be the most informative and useful of all. The feedback I received was immensely beneficial and I am certain that the skills I acquired will benefit me throughout my coaching career."

Jo Smith

Life Coach, CANADA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"When i realized that i had found my natural fit being a coach. The life giving learning experience of my ICA journey validated what I intuitively knew about myself and awakened the possibilities of what could be. I am truly thankful!"

How graduates will use coaching

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Robin P. Pajot

Career Coaching, UNITED STATES


"I plan to use my certification in coaching, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the Strong Interest Inventory to help identify natural strengths and preferences in high school and college students, so they can choose their majors and career paths with those strengths in mind. I'll also be working with adults in career transition, helping them pull together their experience in new and refreshing ways. I'm also energized by working through any life issues that come up as a result."

Annette Ainsbury

Life Coach, CANADA


"Use my coaching skills formally as a coach in my workplace. Its been an amazing benefit for our middle managers when previously we couldn't afford to hire someone externally. I have integrated the coaching skills into the design and delivery of training material with great results."

Linda Hajuk

Executive Leadership Coach, USA


"Work as an executive leadership coach focused on women. I already have clients and am so excited in beginning this new journey!"

Payal Rajaratnam

Executive Coach, INDIA


"I plan to establish my own business. I am also open to coaching opportunities in organisations. When I have enough experience and hours I would love to come back to ICA as a trainer to share my experience ! Ultimately I see myself as a Transformational coach. I plan to use my coaching to support Managers and Executives by being their thinking partner and their change agent. I want to be a coach who goes beyond just 'çoaching' the client to be their sounding board and to help them be accountable to themselves so they can achieve success , whatever it might be for them. it would make me very very happy to see that."

Alexandra Lopez

Transformational Life, FRANCE


"I intent to use my coaching as a catalyst for those who want to transform the emptiness of a mid-life crisis into a fulfilling mid-life celebration."

Daniella Gross-Menahem

Life Coach for the Equestrian World, ISRAEL


"I am planning to make a profession of helping people to realize their dreams in the equestrian world, and in the rest of their lives as well. I can't wait to really get going!"

Health and Wellness Coach

Executive Coach, CANADA

"I am in the process of becoming a certified trainer in a workout program called DDPYOGA. I plan to use my coaching in concert with that certification to support people in living healthy satisfying lives.I want to connect with people who wish to achieve personal greatness on both a physical and spiritual level. The greatest feeling in life is to witness a person becoming their "best self". I firmly believe my coaching skills will be utilized to help people live better lives and reach their personal goals."

Corina Pall

Transformational Coach, UNITED KINGDOM

testimonial-avatar"I will empower my clients to discover their true self and live the life that they always wanted to."

Louise Parry Gathercole

Executive Coach, INDIA


"I am planning to use my coaching skills to help people recovering from cancer to return to a healthy lifestyle and to help people who are moving from one country to another to find their place and their passion in their new circumstances."

Anne Prieur



"My primary goal is to specialise in coaching children who have ADHD together with their parents in order to help them better understand how to support their children."

Leann Ferry



"With my ICA coach training, I have created COURAGEOUS Mindset - a coaching company with a mission to help women develop the courage they need to act outside their comfort zones and create the lives they want. Courage is the missing link for many women when it comes to moving forward. I help women get more comfortable acting with a bit of fear on board. The goal is not to become fearless, but to lower the fear level through awareness, planning and practice so they are able to act and move forward."

Chris Walters

Personal Development Coach, USA


"I plan to use coaching to help people become mindful and self aware so they can realize and achieve their full potential."

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