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Certified Coach Practitioner

Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Health Coach

With Your Own Coaching Practice You Choose When and Where You Work...

As a dedicated Coach Practitioner you will derive the majority of your income from your coaching services.  You will most likely work with individuals or small groups in a specific area or niche.  And, because this is your own business, you decide the hours you work, who you coach, and what fees you will charge.  You might decide to work full time, part time or causally. You also decide how you coach.  You might coach onsite in someones workplace, home, your office, or even a coffee shop. Or you can coach remotely using zoom, skype, telephone etc.

  • relationship issues (in the family, at work or with friends)
  • life purpose concerns (new career, re-enter workforce, change jobs, expat life, new business idea)
  • personal organisation (time management, clutter)
  • work / life balance (juggling priorities, finding time for self etc)
  • dealing with crisis (retrenchment, addiction, divorce, chronic illness)
  • personal development (weight loss, mindfullness, gratitude)
  • life transition (new job, change job, new baby, new country, retirement)

Doesn't sound like you?  Maybe Corporate Coaching or Blended Coaching would be a better suited application?

Niche and Speciality Opportunities for Professional Coaches

To be successful as a Professional Coach Practitioner, you must be certified (we'll get to that further down this page) and you must have with a deep understanding of the people you want to help and the issues they need help with. Example issues would be:




Find the program and certification options best suited to your coaching goals, budget and timeframe for completion.

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