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What Makes ICA Different?

  • Industry credibility and recognition

    A school specifically built for online learners, and accredited with the ICF since 2004.

  • Learning & Credential pathways

    Students can scaffold their learning, and have the option to apply for ACC or PCC via the direct ACTP track

  • Integrated Coaching Model

    We avoid the 'one size fits all' by teaching students how to create their own unique coaching model. A model that showcases who they are as a coach, and the problems they solve.

  • FlipIt Coaching Framework

    A 4 step framework for change that was created specifically for ICA coaches to use with their clients or in workshops.

  • Peer Networks & Frienships

    You don't just join a program, you join a community of coaches in 126 countries, with global and local connections.



Find the program and certification options best suited to your coaching goals, budget and timeframe for completion.

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