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Blended Coaching

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As a Blended Coach Practitioner, You Get To Choose When and Where You Work...

Blended Coaching is often added to other professions, interests, or specific expertise as a way of adding value and increasing expertise. It might include coaching people or teams towards achieving corporate or personal goals, managing change, motivating teams, or managing health and well being goals.

As a pure coach you don't give advice however as a blended coach, there are times when your specific advice and expertise is needed and requested.  For example: as a personal trainer or nutritionist you will tailor an exercise or eating plan to suit your client based on your expertise but you can also use your coaching skills to uncover and help with road blocks to achieving weight loss or a balanced diet.

You might work part time in your own practice and part time in organisations. Your coaching will take place onsite (face to face) or remotely (zoom, skype, conference line or telephone). It's a very very flexible career option for coaches and one that is increasing in popularity.

Doesn't sound like you?  Maybe Private Practice or Corporate Coaching would be a better suited application?

Corporate Coaches work with teams or individuals

Corporate Coaches work with managers, leaders, directors, business owners, employees and volunteers.  They will coach one on one (individuals) or can coach teams, departments, committees or boards (group coaching).




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