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Our student centered approach offers a learning model where there is flexibility within a structure.  Each program has an assigned number of hours and completion requirements, with all learning materials provided up front, at the time of enrollment. It's then up to you as the student, the order and pace of your learning. Fast track or take your time.

Module downloads, portfolio work and forum postings can all be completed at times that work best for you (on the couch with a coffee, on the train, in your lunchbreak at work etc).  Then, there's 30 plus classes running around the clock, every week.  So, no matter what time zone you are in, there is always a class you can join.

If you would like a copy of the schedule, let us know the program you're considering and roughly when you think you will be wanting to start your training. 

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ICA's program advisors are all certified coaches with their own private practice.  They are also ICA graduates so have a solid understanding around the certification and/or credential pathways, along with the industry expectations and opportunities.  Book at appointment to work through which program or certification option is best for your coaching goals.

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Rossella Pin (MCC)

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Julia Griffin (PCC)


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Susan McCauley (CPC)