Facilitating This Months Discovery Session...

After graduating from ICA's Advanced Coach Training Program, Kelly joined ICA's team as Community Manager.   She light heartedly describes her role as being 'the hostess of the party.  The person making sure everyone has what they need to be successful and achieve their coach training goals'.   And, that's true - but it's also a whole lot more.  As well as being an ICA Expert, she's a highly successful Certified Professional Coach (ACC),  and is in the process of setting up her own Coaching Practice.  Having experienced ICA as a student and a team member, she knows both sides of the classroom and can draw on her own first hand experiences when supporting our community.


Which Training Option is Best For You?

A question we regularly get asked by prospective students is 'What makes ICA different from other schools?'  Coach Training Schools are like Coaching Services in that they will all offer a degree of 'sameness', but then are different in their quality of service or product, and personality.  It's important you find the best school and program to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  It needs to match your learning style, certification needs, coaching goals, timeframe for completion and budget. 

Bring Your Plan Along to Our Next Group Session

In our Coach Training Discovery Sessions we address the most commonly asked questions regarding coach training. So, bring along your Coach Development Plan and any questions you might have.

  • ACTP or ACSTH?

    The difference between Accreditation, Certification and Credentialling, and what they mean for you

  • Your Coaching Identify

    The benefits of creating your own coaching model vs choosing a 'cookie cutter' one size fits all

  • Niching

    Why it's important to specialise but also have the skills and knowledge needed to coach anyone anywhere in the world

  • Learning Delivery-

    Our learning philosophy and delivery are unique. We'll talk about e-learning and how our programs are both structured and flexible.

  • Community

    Networking is vital for coaches. We'll chat about how you connect with the ICA community via classes, peer coaching, mentor coaching, observed coaching and in the private coaches forum