Learn How to Add Coaching to Your Existing Business or Service and See Immediate Results

Thurs 22nd May 8pm (New York Time)

Learn from the Experts


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    How to Create Your Own Coaching Model

    The 4 steps we use to teach thousands of students from all over the world how to create a powerful and authentic model of coaching that works to THEIR strengths and with THEIR clients

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    How to Integrate Coaching into your Business Model

    There are so many ways of integrating coaching into existing business models, and of creating new businesses with an integrated offering. We will look at success examples and share our 'best practice' tips

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    The Specific Elements of our Authentic Coaching Model

    There is no other school that teaches coaching like we do. Join the CEO and Training Director of a long standing (12 plus years) coach training school to find out how it is done.

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Our Coaching Students' Models

Why our Model Works

On of the main reasons our students choose us over the many other coach training schools is because we don't offer a cookie cutter curriculum. We work with each student to help them develop their own coaching model. And we do this because it works.

  • It is relevant and appropriate in your industry or area or expertise

    Not all coaching models are created equal, and what works in one context with one market wont work in another. For example a Spiritual coaching model is not always going to work well in an Executive coaching setting in the banking industry. And a performance based, goal oriented action model is not going to work well in Grief coaching.

  • It Positions YOU as an Expert

    When you use someone else’s model (eg GROW model) you are positioning them as the expert. When you create your own model you position yourself as the expert.

  • It Gets Better Results

    Nobody knows your client base like you do. You know what their problems and challenges are and you know what their dreams and aspirations are. You are the perfect person to develop a model that will actually give them better results.

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