Create a Coaching Lifestyle

You might not always be working on the beach, but you can certainly make sure you never sit in traffic, or miss your kid's concert again.

Join us for a Planning Session to Create a Coaching Lifestyle

Session Summary

This call will help you see what's possible and give you practical strategies for designing your own Coaching Lifestyle.

8:20 - Welcome ICA Coaches & Guests

We expect people to be calling in from all over the world so we will spend 5 minutes saying hello and making sure everyone can hear OK.

8:05 - What is a Coaching Lifestyle?

ICA Coaches share their “Coaching Lifestyles” They will talk about what an average day looks like now, and how they transitioned from their previous career.

8:30 - Open Mic with ICA Coaches

Come ready with questions to ask people who have been where you are now.

8:50 - Design Your Life Worksheet

ICA Faculty share the “Design Your Life” Worksheet from our coach training program. You can use it to plan out your first step to becoming a professional coach.

Call Details

Tue Jan 19th, 2016

  • 8am Call

  • 8pm Call

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3 Reasons the Coaching Lifestyle Rocks!

Reason #1: You will get more beach in your life!

Coaching is not only an extremely rewarding career, it is also extremely portable and flexible. Most of our coaches use the telephone to conduct their coaching sessions and hold meetings with staff and many of our coaches travel frequently.

Reason #2: You will choose when you work & for how long

Life is short, and we only get one shot at it so most of us try and spend as much time as we can with the people who matter. As a coach you determine when you work and for how long, so you never have to miss out on important family events again.

Reason #3: You will Earn Money while Making a Difference

This is the one most people struggle to believe is possible. But we have hundreds of coaches living their own version of a Coaching Lifestyle, making it all very very possible. And you can too.

Call in From Home

No traffic, no cost, no stress

Dial into this live call using your laptop or cell phone, and learn how you can create your own Coaching Lifestyle