Webinar: Coaching in Uncertain Times



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  • 1

    How to coach in uncertain times

    Right now many of our clients have high levels of anxiety or fear as they face the fall out from Coronavirus. How do we, as coaches, manage our own feelings of fear or anxiety as we coach them?

  • 2

    How to coach the PERSON not the STORY

    It is difficult enough in normal everyday coaching to focus on the person not the story, but right now the "story" is even more compelling than normal. Learn how to distinguish between the two and focus on the client, not their narrative.

  • 3

    The 3 things you can focus on amongst UNCERTAINTY

    There are 3 coaching skills that succeed every time in stressful or uncertain times - Control, Acceptance and Action. Learn how to use these in your coaching.

Robyn Logan

Merci Miglino