Join a LIVE FlipIt Demonstration lab.  Real faculty, real coaching, real students. 

Join a FlipIt Lab

We are constantly grappling with change – changes we want to make happen, changes we have to make, and changes that are happening to us.

FlipIt™ is a simple 4 step process that can be used to move someone from where they are now to where they want to be. It's a framework that can be used with individuals (clients, friends, family etc) or groups (workshops, teams, clients).

Graduates are invited to attend a FlipIt workshop to find first hand how this process works.  All you need to attend is yourself (no need to buy a pack or prepare in advance).

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FlipIt Shop - Pricing Exclusive to ICA Coaches

You can pick any issue and literally "flip" it on its head with the FlipIt pack. The transformation is immediate and the outcome you facilitated as a coach is long lasting.

  • Inside a FlipIt Pack

    Each pack comes with Image Cards, Power Tool Cards, Feelings/Values Card, Downloadable Worksheet


  • Felt Wallet

    FlipIt comes in a soft felt wallet that can slip easily into your computer bag, and go with you to visit clients or run workshops
  • ICA Power Tools

    The 8 Power Tools are designed to shift you from a negative or disempowering perspective to a postivie pewrspecive
  • User Guide & Process Card

    The User Guide outlines the thinking behind FlipIt, an introduction to the Power Tools and prompts you can use for each of the 4 steps.
  • Image Cards

    FlipIt comes with a pack of 30 image cards. The photos in the cards have been carefully selected to help prompt the 4 steps in the FlipIt Process
  • Feelings and Values Cards

    The Feelings cards can be used to help clients identify how they feel about their issue
  • Interactive Worksheet

    The interactive worksheet can be printed in black and white for face to face workshops, or completed online.
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Become a FlipIt Group Coach

Learn how to use FlipIt with groups, teams or in small workshops

The FlipIt Group Coaching Program is designed for coaches who want to add group coaching to their services. You will learn the latest theories on change and change management and then practice in a group coaching setting using the FlipIt Coaching Framework. At the end of the course you will be able to confidently run a group coaching workshop using the FlipIt™ Coaching Framework.

We teach you how to run a 2 hr FlipIt workshop with a group size of 12 - 20 clients using Zoom. However FlipIt can be used with individuals or larger groups and is suited to both online and face to face delivery.

Designed to be delivered in a face to face workshop, or online via Zoom with an online FlipIt Pack and Interactive Worksheets.