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About Our School

ICA programs were designed to be online (e-learning) and have been this way for over 20 years.

The concept of 'online training' is often misunderstood for being just a collection of self study resources or, more recently, a series of zoom classes. They might also be F2F programs that were recently 'moved' online. But that's not, or ever has been, the case at ICA.  Our interactive methodology was created in 2001, specifically for coaches, and specifically for 'online learning'. We also know how critical human connection and social interaction are to the process of learning so when you join our school, you join a community.  A diverse and connected community of coaches in 126 countries.

More than just zoom classes!

You have been extended the opportunity to join an ICA class or lab. This is the perfect opportunity to meet our students, alumni, and faculty.  There will generally be between 10 - 30 students in the class, with the learning led by ICA Faculty.  But to note, your sample class is just one component from within a comprehensive learning structure and does not represent the full training experience.  In addition to classes, enrolled students also have access to:

  • The Learnsite: : schedules, course booklets, curated resources etc
  • CoachCampus: social networks, conversations, peer coaching, reflection
  • Classes: where the concept or skill is introduced, explored and discussed.
  • Labs: where theory is put into practice with faculty feedback and advice
  • Peer Coaching: experience in the role of coach and client
  • Business Building: Graduate with a coaching portfolio

Who will be sitting next to you in class?

Students will be connecting from many different countries, but they will most likely live in a country or region that has the same time zone as you.  They will be studying either the Vocational, Certified or Advanced Program, and because our program structure is flexible, you will notice that some students are just starting out while others are nearing graduation.  This is actually one of the great things about ICA, you join a connected and diverse community, and not just a restrictive or isolated cohort.

Prefer a Private Consultation?

ICA's program advisors are all certified coaches with their own private practice.  They are also ICA graduates so have a solid understanding around the certification and/or credential pathways, along with the industry expectations and opportunities.  Book at appointment to work through which program or certification option is best for your coaching goals.

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