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3 Ways To Partner With Us

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The Value of a MeetUp

Connecting with your Peers is an incredibly powerful thing to do


Julia Griffin talks about the value and benefit of an ICA Meetup.
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Take it to the streets, or take it online...

Choose to run your event however you want. Book a venue, get it catered, meet at a cafe, or jump online, it's up to you. We will support you all the way

  • In Person


  • Virtually

you decide


ICA coaches live in multiple cities all around the world. There is nothing like a face to face event, but a virtual meeting of like-minded people can also be incredibly powerful. So if you have a niche or a market that is shared by others, dont let venues and catering hold you back. Jump on Zoom and create the connection.

As an ICA student or graduate you share a unique experience with your peers around the world. Coming to coaching always has a history, is always the beginning of a new journey.

The bond you share with the people you meet on that journey will last a lifetime.

And the connection is strong.