Sample Our Coach Training and Resources

The following events are designed specifically to support your coach training research or development as a coach. These are free community events, without any obligation for you to continue on and enrol in a coach training program with ICA.  Enjoy!

  • Take the First Module for Free

    One of the most common questions we get is ‘what’s it like to train with ICA’.  So, we’ve recorded one of our teleclasses and then uploaded the audio so you can get a sneak peak into what happens in an ICA class.  This is a live class with real students and faculty.

Take the First Module for Free
  • Come Along to a Live Information Hour

    The ICA Information Hour is an opportunity to meet CEO and Founder, Robyn Logan, and listen to ICA’s story; how it has grown from a pilot program of just 20 students in 2001 to a thriving community of over 4000 coaches.  Robyn will also talk about the methodology and philosophy that underpins the coach training at ICA, and how it’s proven to be a successful formula for success.

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  • Find Which Program is Best for You

    Take the program selection tool to find the program that best suits you learning style, time, budget and certification requirements.  It’s quick and easy (takes about 3 minutes)

Take the Program Quiz
  • Explore Your Niche

    One of the biggest dilemmas facing coaches is to niche or not to niche – and if they do, which niche?  Research your niche by reading the hundreds of coach research papers and participating in groups.

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A Collection of Coaching Videos, Podcasts, Audios and Publications

  • Coach Street Podcast

    Join Robyn Logan and Andrea Lee on this great podcast about all things coaching.
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  • Day in the Life of A Coach

    Video Interviews with Graduate Coaches with a diverse range of niches.
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  • Coaching Video Tips

    A collection of tips and resources from our Accredited Coach Training Curriculum Find Out More

  • Graduate Research Papers

    Coaching research conducted by ICA Graduates
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  • Graduate Portfolios

    Coaching Models, Power Tools, Research Papers. -all created by our students and graduates
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  • Publications

    Monthly and annual coaching publications including our graduate yearbooks
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