Summary of Changes to Chinese Programs

Going Live to Students: August 3rd

We will be launching the new Chinese Learnsite to students on August the 3rd, but we want to give you early access so you can have a look around and make sure you are familiar with it.

Reason for Changes

  • ICF changed their requirements for ACC and PCC credentialing
  • We had some modules that needed updating
  • We had some gaps in our curriculum (ie nothing on Coaching Presence, which is a key ICF competency)

Important Announcement For Trainers

Please read the information on this page and then complete these actions:

1. Login to the new Learnsite

Login - your existing user name will work
Password - coach1208 (we have changed all your passwords to this, you can change yourself once you login)

2. Send an email 

- tell us if you can find everything you want
- list any questions you think the students might have (or that you have)

*** We will not launch the Learnsite until we have received an email from EVERY trainer, so please do this asap.

Thanks :)



Some of the changes we have made were to make sure we were compliant with new ICF requirements.

- introducing Observed Coaching

- introducing 10 hrs Mentor Coaching (must be at least 3 hours one on one and can be 7 hrs group)

- introducing new credential pathway (before there was only ACTP path and Portfolio Path. Now they have something called ACSTH ACC path)


We are getting more and more students who are either bilingual, or want access to the English program as well as the Chinese program.

We also recognise that one of our strengths in the Chinese Market is access to our global community. Until now however, English and Chinese students have been kept quite separate.

  • New Bilingual Learnsite

    Students will login to ONE learnsite where they will be able to access BOTH Chinese and English Programs (Or just Chinese Program)

  • New Bilingual Forum

    Students will login to ONE Forum. The forum will have 4 different Campuses

    – Global (English)
    – Chinese
    – India
    – Italian
    – Balkans

  • Chinese Platforms

    Collaboration and peer learning are an important part of the program, but there are some students who cannot access our platforms due to the Chinese Firewall. Therefore we have set up communication spaces on QQ and Wechat. These are now integrated in the Learnsite and appear on every course page like this


1. Changes to Course Names

Life Design is Now Coaching Presence

Coaching Presence is a key ICF competency so we wanted to add it. In addition most of the modules included in Life Design fit nicely in this course area. So Course name has changed, but all modules stay the same.

Frameworks and Theories is now Frameworks and Models

We wanted a course area to attach the "Create Your Own Coaching Model" to and we decided that the Frameworks course was a good place for this thinking and conversation to happen. Students are already exploring different ways to think about and position coaching. So we changed the name slightly to reflect this focus.

2. New Modules

These modules are new and have been written by Merci.

Learning & Coaching Plan

The aim of this module is to make sure we set students up for success right from the word go. In most f2f training the trainer would spend at least the first 30 minutes going over the course, making sure any questioned were answered and making sure everyone was clear on the outcomes and process. In our program this often happens in support, OUTSIDE the training.

So this module brings this important step INTO the training.

This module also helps students reflect on their own learning style, become familiar with the ICA delivery platform and to ultimately take responsibility for their own learning.

The ICA Integrated Coaching Model

The aim of this module is to introduce the concept of "blended coaching" We have decided on the term "Integrated Coaching" because it is already in use in some places, and is possibly easier to understand for Non English speakers.

Students will be working on their coaching model in the Frameworks and Models course, but we have included this early on, in Foundation, for the following reasons:

- it is a crucial piece of the training so we believe everyone needs to have it. Not all programs include Frameworks and Models

- its important for students to start thinking early on about their model and approach to coaching

Effective Feedback

We used to have this module in our program years ago, and to be honest I dont know why it was ever taken out. To me this is a critical skill for a coach. So, nothing more to say about this... lol It's back!

New Modules in Frameworks and Models

These modules are all self explanatory, and like the other modules in this course, it is not our aim to teach the actual topic, but rather to introduce it as a philosophy or theory that either influences coaching or can be used in conjunction with coaching - and explore possibilities within that

  • DISC
  • Strengths Finder
  • Enneagram
  • Wheel of Life


Each course now has a course outcome attached. Outcomes are REQUIRED but not COMPULSORY. This means we highly recommend they complete them and post them to the forum, but it is not essential. They will not fail if they don't do it.

Students will work on this outcome in the Labs and also use the forum to get peer feedback.


Is Peer coaching visible to all students? +

As you know students have access to varying different courses and forum folders depending on their program. To make your Learnsite easy to navigate we have only given trainers access to Advanced.

The best way to see if a student has access to a particular thing is to check the website

If at any time you want to "see" the student experience from another enrolment just email support and we can set you up with logins.

Where are the Labs folders? +

The Labs folders are in the "Labs and Outcomes" section, but given that this was a question it means it was not intuitive so Ill be looking at where else they might go - or if indeed we need them at all. Rob simply used the Course folder to post any discussions that came up in labs, maybe this is better. One thing is for sure - the less folders the better! Stay tuned on this one.

Do students still have to start threads or conversations in the forum +

No this is not required, or even listed as an option. It has been removed altogether. The original idea behind it was to make students engage in the forum and to stop what used to happen when we had "reflections" as a requirement - students used to come in an "dump" 20 reflections in one sitting. So we moved form reflections to engagement. However the same thing seems to be happening. So now we are looking at ways to naturally engage students. Plus having the course outcomes posted to the forum is probably a more meaningful activity.

Is it required that students post their Coaching Model? +

We are still big fans of the coaching model and power tool. They are central to our training, its just that the ICF don't require assessment around them and with the increased Mentor Coaching and exam requirements we decided to lighten the load for students (and for us as assessors) Hence, embedding them into the training and making them course outcomes.

It is highly recommended that students post their Outcomes to the forum and get feedback. This, unlike reflections etc. is a place students naturally and willingly engage in the forum. The Coaching model and Power tool feedback threads always have tons of views and comments.
You can check the assessment and graduation requirements by scrolling to the bottom of the program page

Please send your questions to so we can start compiling a useful FAQ for students.