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Esther Muthoga
Transformational Coach, KENYA

Dana Zurbuchen
Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES

Tracey Tischler
Confidence Coach, UNITED STATES

Crystal Bertolacci
Spiritual Coach, UNITED STATES

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One of they things that makes ICA different from other coach training schools is our amazing community of like minded coaches.  A community that has been growing and thriving since 2001. Our coaches live in over 126 different countries around the world, and showcase the portable and global nature of coaching.

A sense of connection is created through a multitude of experiences. As a new student, you link in with a generous and supportive group of people who are also dedicated professional and passionate coaches. You will find people who you really “click with” and then informal learning is lifelong and ongoing. Beyond the Zoom classes and Peer Coaching, there are also our Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Live Events and Global MeetUps.

All ICA Program advisors are ICA Experts.  Being ICA Graduates they know our training first hand. But, they are also experienced coaches with an indepth understanding of the industry, the certification options and the credential pathways for emerging coaches and change leaders. Book a one on one appointment to learn more about which coach education option will match your coaching goals.