• Create Your Unique Portfolio

    Your portfolio will communicate your unique identify – who you are as a coach, and who your clients will be

Showcase Your Uniqueness as a Coach

One of the things that sets ICA apart from other schools is that during your coach training you develop your own Coaching Portfolio.  This includes

  1. Coach Development Plan
  2. Coaching Research Paper
  3. Coaching Power Tool
  4. Coaching Model

Each outcome is linked to a course area meaning that we provide you with the learning, tools and support to create your coaching content. By the you graduate, you will have a coaching portfolio that showcases your uniqueness to future employers or clients.

Coaching Research Paper

Students in the Certified and Advanced program have the opportunity to prepare a case study or research paper.  This is a chance to explore coaching in an area or speciality of relevance to them and one that will support their future career as a coach.

Coaching Power Tool

Trademarked by ICA, a Coaching Power Tool is a this vs that concept that can be used as a tool in every day life or with your clients.

Darya Haitoglou

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Darya Haitoglou
(Systemic Relationship Coaching, UNITED KINGDOM)

TO NOURISH MEANS TO GIVE UNCONDITIONALLY. It’s what Tom Rath and Donald Clifton wrote in How Full is Your Bucket? Continue…

Caroline Wu Beloe

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Caroline Wu Beloe
(Parenting Coach, Life Coach, CHINA)

Not like adults, Children do not always have the language to tell us what they need and what hurts. They act out with their behavior in attempt Continue…

Kylie McDonelle

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Kylie McDonnell
(Life Transition Coach, UNITED KINGDOM)

Have you ever watched a small child learn how to walk? They crawl first and then lift themselves up and hold onto something Continue…

Stephen Miller

A Coaching Power Tool Created by Stephen Miller
(Executive Coach, GERMANY)

Many years ago I ran across the Greek word arete (ἀρετή). It struck a chord with me, so I made a note of it for future use. Continue…

Coaching Model

One of the elements of our training that we are most proud of is that we teach our students to create their own coaching model.  So, we ask them to answer the question - how would you like to coach?  And, then provide the tools, guidance and learning needed for them to create their own coaching model. One that will speak to future clients and employers about who they are as a coach and their own unique methodology.

'GEAR' Model

Gear Model

Created by Crina Marin
(Life Coach, ROMANIA)

Coaching models help us to understand the coaching intervention from a systems perspective, and to understand the need for“ structure” Continue…

'Roadmap' Model

Roadmap Model

Created by Marian Gibbs
(Career Coach, NEW ZEALAND)

We are all on a journey from here to there. And just like when we travel, along the way, we’ll see many pit-stops, diversions Continue…

'Meet The Client' Model

Meet the client model

Created by Maria Paredes
(Coaching for Coaches, UNITED KINGDOM)

Listen deeply. Get to know the client. Discover and unveil the client. Feel the client with your soul. Find out where the client Continue…

'The Whole' Model

The whole model

Created by Vernon Stinebaker
(Agile Coach & Business Coach, CHINA)

A coaching model should not be strict and inflexible. It should be adaptable, allowing the coach to dance in the moment with the client. Continue…

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