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Choosing a Coaching Niche

As a Professional Coach you will work with individuals or small groups in a specific area or niche. Most clients will require you to have some sort of qualification, especially since coaching is an unregulated industry. And most clients will want to know you specialize in a specific area of coaching.

Why do I need a Coaching Niche?

At International Coach Academy we recommend coaches choose a coaching niche so they can define the problem they want to help people with. Often your coaching niche will combine your past industry experience, life experience, interest and expertise to define a type of person or type of problem you want to coach around. For example if you had no corporate experience it would be hard to be an executive coach. But if you had an autistic child you could be a coach for parents with autistic children or if you were a school teacher or a mother you could coach kids or parents around specific issues you were familiar with.

We are not empty vessels when we come to coaching. We have life experiences and knowledge that we can use in our coaching practice.  For example if you wanted to be a coach because you want a quit the rat race and lead a less stressful life, the fact that you had a stressful life will actually help you to understand your clients stresses.

So we choose a coaching niche because it helps you define out of all the people in the world, who is it that I can and want to help?

Can I coach anyone that is not in my niche?

When you train to be a coach at International Coach Academy you will be able to coach anyone and you can coach anyone. The reason to specialise in a coaching niche or to choose a coaching niche is to focus your marketing activity and to promote your business to a specific group of people.  This does not mean you can't coach people that are not in your target demographic. Often coaches choose to coach people within an industry they previously worked in an area they are passionate about or coach people through a problem or challenge that they went through for example a divorce coach, an entrepreneur coach, an ADHD coach or a grief coach.  In our experience coaches attract a certain type of client and if a coach has chosen a particular niche and keeps getting clients wanting coaching in a different area of life the coach can change their niche.  This is why coaching whilst completing your coach training helps you to define who you want to coach and narrow down your coaching niche.

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Lindsey Auman <br/>Life Coach, UNITED STATES

I became a Certified Coach because coaching was calling me.  I was already a mentor to new yoga teachers who have recently finished their teacher training, and am also executive coach.  I will take my new knowledge about how to BE a coach and apply that to those existing places within my life – with my yoga students, with my family, as well as with myself.  From there, I remain open to what other doors coaching will open for me.  I believe that like how coaching found me, my professional coaching journey will also find me.  My guess is that will take shape in the form of some of my current clients continuing with me and referring me to other people to coach, as well as taking one new clients when those doors open.

Lindsey Auman






Choosing a Coaching Niche

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Ep #04: Coaching Niches



(0:30) From marketing and acting to business/life coach
(0:33) Coached herself as an actor and then said why not coach others?
(0:53) Rearranged her life to be a coach
(0:58) Went through ICA program in 6 months
(1:30) Coaching helped acting and vice versa
(3:32) Her niche “within a niche” is working with ‘heart-centered” people
(4:06) All coaching involves life coaching if your work is your passion
(4:12) You have to put your whole self in like the Hokey Pokey

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