Teacher Coaching

What is Youth and Parent Coaching?

A youth and parent coach coaches families. They may coach in person, via phone or skype or coach parents in groups. Coaches who choose to become a parent coach are often parents themselves. They may also have a specific interest in the area they want to coach around eg parent coach for parents with children with a disability, may have a disabled child themselves.

What is issues do they deal with?

Parent coaches can coach the parents, the grand parents, step parents or the child or adolescent on a range of issues ranging from changes in family circumstances, work life balance, coaching a parent around children’s challenging behavior, stress, anxiety, self esteem or life skills.

Parent coaches can coach the parents, the grand parents, step parents or the child or adolescent on a range of issues including:

* general issues around parenting
* family communication
* conflict management
* work life balance
* adolescent behaviour
* challenging behavior
* stress management
* childhood or parental anxiety
* child or parent self esteem issues
* life skills coaching
* life transition issues
* problems around family dynamic

Types Of Parent Coaches

Below are a list of types of family, youth and parent coaches:
- Family Coach
- Parent Coach
- Youth Coach
- Coaching for Parent of Adolescent Coaching
- Coach for parents with Adopted Children
- Coach for parents of Twins
- Coach for Expat Children

Coaching Around a Condition
- Coach For Parents with Children With Down Syndrome
- Coach for Parents With Children With Chronic Illness
- ADHD Coach

Parent Coaching Around A Problem
- Sleep Coach
- Study Coach (coach which helps children with study habits)
- Conflict Coach

Family Member Coaching
- New Mother Coach
- Father Coach
- Step Parent Coach
- Grandparent Coach
- Twin Coach
- Sibbing Coach

Family Circumstance Coaching
- Relationship Coaching
- Blended Family Coaching
- Divorced Parent Coaching
- Single Parent Coaching
- Gay Parent Coaching

How to Become A Parent Coach?

Parent coaches should train to become a coach with an ICF accredited coach training program. Parent coaches often start their training during a period of transition ie they become full time primary care givers and choose a coach training program that is flexible and can work around their other commitments.

International Coach Academy offers an accredited coach training program via live teleclasses and an online learning environment. With over 60 classes per week, there is a time to study which suites everyone. Training is self paced and can be taken in across all time zones and the program can be taken at your own pace. We have students from over 90 countries in classes making the whole coach training experience a rich one both in learning and networking.

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