Health Wellness Coaching

What is Health Wellness Coaching?

Health and wellness coaches come in many forms from fitness coach, spiritual coach, yoga coach to internal wellness coach for large companies or coaches specializing in the health industry.

What is issues do they deal with?

Health and wellness coaches deal with a number of issues around supporting clients through health and spiritual related issues including:

  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Mindfulness
  • Managing Chronic Illness
  • Stress Management
  • Coaching Carers
  • Life Purpose and Spirituality
  • Grief and Loss
  • Rehabilitation and Healing
  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Types Of Health & Wellness Coaches

Coaching Ilness
- Cancer Coach
- Chronic Illness Coach
- AIDS Coach
- ADHD Coach ADD Coach
- Disability Coach

Coaching For Carers
- Carer Coach
- Nurse Coach
- Doctor Coach

Sports Coaching
- Life Coach For Athletes
- Yoga Coach
- Sports Coach
- Youth Coach

Grief Coaching
- Spouse Loss Coaching
- Coach For Loss Of A Child
- Pet Loss Coach

Spiritual Coach
- Christian Coach
- Jewish Coach
- Taoist Coach
- Life Purpose Coach
- Spirituality Coach

Weight Loss Coaching
- Weight Loss Coach
- Active Lifestyle Coach
- Health and Fitness Coach

How to Become A Health Coach?

Health coaches often have a qualification in sports, personal training or nutrition. Otherwise if they are coaching an illness they are likely to have experience with that illness or they have been carers of people with chronic illness. Health care industry coaches generally have a background in the health industry and grief coaches have experienced grief themselves.  As with most coaching niches, the coaches own passion and life experience plays a key role in identifying a coaching need.   Health & Wellness coaches should train to become a coach with an ICF accredited coach training program. They can training whilst working in their current field and transition into full time coaching or add coaching to their existing services.

International Coach Academy offers an accredited coach training program via live teleclasses and an online learning environment. With over 60 classes per week, there is a time to study which suites everyone. Training is self paced and can be taken in across all time zones and the program can be taken at your own pace. We have students from over 90 countries in classes making the whole coach training experience a rich one both in learning and networking.

Day In The Life Of A Health Wellness Coach

Interview with Spiritual Coach, Eric Jordan

Erich Jordan is the Coachman. That’s what this South African ICA graduate calls himself and his Life, Spiritual & Business Coaching practice. Erich’s coaching tool box draws from his eclectic experience in ministry, business and sailing. That’s right. He even started a sailing school!.  Listen to Interview

Interview with Health & Wellness Coach Tom Seaman

Having overcome significant health challenges, ICA Coach Tom Seaman’s journey is nothing short of inspirational, demonstrating how we can rise from the depths of despair to a life full of hope, triumph, and joy.

Interview with Weight Loss Coach, Laurie Runyan

Laurie Runyan3-200x200Before becoming a coach, Laurie enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of being a stay-at-home mom and being happily married.  Walking through the house one day she was pondering on a dream that had existed since she was a teen. She had always enjoyed experiencing a healthy body, and possessed a deep desire to assist others in this area.  Listen to interview


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